Escape Rooms in Wichita

Walking into an unfamiliar building only to get locked in a room and have to think to get yourself out. It may not sound like an ideal evening but let me tell you, it is! Escape rooms, the trend sweeping the country, have arrived in Wichita. If you’re looking for a fun date night idea, girls night event or birthday party venue, consider an escape room!

So what exactly is an escape room?

There are several different varieties but one thing they have in common is a storyline where you get trapped* in a room and you have to figure out clues to escape. Some are more suspenseful than others but there is always a way to escape. In one experience, I was trapped in a strange co-worker’s room. In another, a scientist had gone missing and we had to find his journal. You have approximately one hour to find all the missing pieces and try to escape. If you and the others locked in the room find your way to escape, you win! Clues can be found by using your brain but are also hidden in plain sight. Is the number highlighted in a book important or not? What about the different colors of the clothes in the closet? You must determine what is important.

I searched online and found 9 different escape rooms in the Wichita area. Prices average $25 per person for about an hour of fun. Most venues allow up to 8 people in the room per storyline. If there are just a few of you, you may be joined by another group to hit the number of intended people per room. If being stuck in a room with people you don’t know isn’t your thing, most of the venues offer the chance to rent the entire room and fill it with people you know. That is definitely more pricey but you know going in who you’ll be stuck playing with. I knew everyone in the room with me both times I went and it made the environment more fun and less awkward.

Who can play?

Everyone! One group I went with had an age range of 30-60 and were related, the other time was a group of women aged 20-40, many of whom had been drinking (ha!). Some of the rooms have a minimum age, so you should check with the one you are wanting to visit before you show up with kids.

Escape rooms make for a fun night on the town with your girls or a date night with your favorite person. My 9 year old is begging for this to be his next birthday party destination. The most difficult part will be finding a babysitter to escape your own house!

*None of the rooms I went to were you locked in a room with no escape. One had a key in plain sight, the other had a keypad on the door with the instructions on how to get out.

Here is a list of the locations in and around Wichita:

Entrap Games

Exits Escape Room

Key Quest Escape Room Wichita

Puzzle Plex (Derby)

The Art of Escape ICT

The Room (Wichita and Hutchinson)

WE Xcape Wichita

Wichita Room Escape

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