How to Celebrate National Library Week in Wichita

National Library Week was started almost 50 years ago as a way for us to say thank you to the men and women who make libraries happen, both public libraries and school libraries. Wichita is blessed with an extensive library system, which means there is an easy way for everyone to celebrate National Library Week April 9-15.

1. If you have littles, check out a story time at a library near you. We have compiled a list of story times in Wichita and the surrounding areas, and Wichita Public Libraries lists them here, they are also on our calendar. Story time is great way to expose your kids to new books, make new friends, and, often, come home with a craft or snack.

2. Celebrate all the money you are saving by checking out books instead of buying them by buying a sweet treat. Or let’s be honest, probably another book. The new library receipts show a total savings at the bottom so you can feel even better about your choice to visit your local branch.

3. Enjoy the wide range of non-book offerings available. Anyone with a library card can check out books of course, but also CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray, audiobooks, digital books, tablets for kids, and use the internet-enabled computers.

4. Join a book club or adult education program. There are ways for the grown ups to get connected at the library too, it isn’t all about the kids.

5. Sign your kid up for a incentivized reading program. During the summer, there are programs for all age groups from baby to teen. The prizes are pretty fun, and participation is free. For the 5 and under set, WPL recently started 1000 Books to Read Before Kindergarten. Other local libraries are doing this too. For more info, check here.

6. Ask a librarian a question. Any question. They are really good at helping you find the answer. And, after they do, make sure to thank them for the great job they do promoting literacy and connecting people to information, all day every day.

7. Take a minute to find your local library on social media and give them a shout out. WPL can be found on facebook, and they often post fun and engaging pictures and polls.

What is your favorite thing about the library?

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