Get Organized!

Special thanks to Wichita State's Community Education Program for providing informative and fun classes for moms in our area.

Article written by Keshia Ezerendu. 

Need to get organized but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered! WSU’s Community Education program is offering two new classes focused on home organization and decluttering.

Kristen Townsend, a professional organizer, will guide you through the process of creating a spacious and organized living space while getting your children involved.

Here is a brief description of each course:


Santa’s come and gone leaving a trail of toys and clothes in his wake. Learn simple, effective organizational strategies that will empower and equip both you and your children to cultivate simple habits to help maintain a clutter-free home.


Discover the psychology behind clutter and learn simple steps to start reducing clutter to create a more tranquil space. Gain resources, impactful home organizational tips and a personalized plan to create more space in your home and life.

Classes start in February. To register and get the full class schedule, visit our website. Please contact the Community Education office at 316-978-3731 for questions.

Wichita State UniversityThrough its Community Education Program, WSU offers approximately 100 classes each year on a variety of special interest topics including gardening, home DIY, culinary, arts and crafts, languages and travel.  Classes are designed for personal enrichment and enjoyment.  There are no tests or homework!


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