Finding Your Personal Design Style

Special thanks to Wichita State University’s Office for Workforce, Professional and Community Education for bringing quality programs to moms in our area.
This piece was written by 
Keshia Ezerendu. 

As the seasons change, so does our personal design style. In recent years, interior design resources have become more available to consumers with the advancement of technology and social media. HGTV and online platforms like Pinterest have turned average home owners into interior design enthusiasts.

Nothing can compare however with personal advice from an experienced professional on the elements of good design. This year, Wichita State University Office for Workforce, Professional and Community Education is offering three interior design workshops as part of their Community Education courses. Annette Shankle of Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co. is the instructor.

Course topics include Find Your Personal Style, Fall into Your Home for Fall and Home for the Holidays. Here is a brief description of each course:


Students will learn how to identify their personal style and use it to decorate their home. This class will cover traditional, transitional, farmhouse, industrial, old world and modern designs. Students will also learn specific ways to use basic design rules.


Fall is the beginning of the holiday season and the beginning of holiday décor. This class will focus on fall decorating including the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. This class will also focus on decorating mantles, tables and setting up fall vignettes using floral, pumpkins and other fun fall décor.


It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas décor and accents abound. Students will learn how to change up what they already own to design magical trees, unforgettable table settings and a mantle their family will love. Students will learn how to bring Christmas into their home in a magical way.

In addition to these three new courses, Community Education offers 42 other lifestyle workshops ranging from adding more color to gardens to exploring new yoga techniques.

Classes start September 6th! To register and get the full class schedule, visit our website. Please contact the Community Education office at 316-978-3731 for questions.

Community Education is part of the WSU Office of Workforce, Professional and Community Education (WPCE). Through its Community Education Program, WSU offers approximately  100 non-credit classes each year on a variety of special interest topics including gardening, home DIY, culinary, arts and crafts, languages and  travel.  Classes are designed for personal enrichment and enjoyment.  There are no tests or homework!

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