Mom Hack :: How to Print Printables

Need cute nursery decor, a unique party invitation, or even a desk calendar? These days, there’s a printable for that!

What’s a printable?

A printable is artwork that you can purchase in the form of a digital download. Some examples are art prints, party invitations, calendars, worksheets, and more. Printables are great because they are usually inexpensive (or sometimes free!) and you can print them yourself. So, no need to pay and wait for shipping! Since they are easy to purchase and print, it makes swapping out home decor simple so you can do it as often as you’d like! Plus, it’s way less frustrating than painting your living room for the fourth time.

How do I print a printable?

It could be as easy as purchase the printable online, download and save the digital file, print, trim, and display! But, a couple of tips never hurt anyone, and I’ve got a couple that will help you achieve the perfect printable print!

Print at home.

As long as you already have a printer, printing at home is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to go! What’s going to make the biggest difference in your at-home prints is the paper you print on. For art prints and invitations, it’s best to use a high-quality, heavyweight, cardstock. You can find cardstock at any office supply store, craft store, or even Target. I’d go with a weight of at least 65 lb. for art prints that will go in a frame, and a slightly heavier 110 lb. for invitations. Most art prints and invitations will need trimmed after you print, scissors will work in a pinch, but the best way to trim is with an X-Acto knife or a paper trimmer. And, you can find X-Acto knives and small paper trimmers at any of the stores I mentioned earlier for paper. The last thing you’ll want to check before you print is your print settings. Double-check that your print quality settings are set for high-quality printing on high-quality paper. This will ensure you get the best possible print you can from your printer.

Online print services.

If you have some extra patience for shipping, or if you don’t have a printer at home, printing online could be the way to go! With online print services, all you have to do is upload your printable, pick the paper option and finish that suits your print, and purchase! They’ll do the printing and trimming for you, so when you receive your print in the mail all you have to do is find the perfect frame or envelope. A couple great online choices are and I’ve used both for art prints and invitations, and the results were beautiful!

Local print shop or office supply store.

Another great option if you don’t have a printer at home, is going somewhere local to have your printable printed. What’s great about using somewhere local, is you can speak directly with the person who will print your file to make sure you’ll receive exactly what you want. Plus, it’s easier to return a print or re-print if something goes wrong. And, local shops are best if you’re not sure what paper you should print on. Most places will pull paper for you to feel so you can be sure you get the right finish and weight for the project. For office supply stores, FedEx Office is what I recommend. And, a great Wichita-local place to print is City Blue Print!

Now, you’re all set to start printing!

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