How to Make A Fairy Garden

So what exactly is a fairy garden anyway?

Well, it can be anything you want it to be! As long as it’s made from the heart it will lure our little fairy friends.

But really…

A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden that includes miniature furnitures, doors, signs, fences… and actual living plants. 

They’re super easy to make and kids love em! 

1. Make a trip to your local craft store.

We got our fairy garden supplies at Hobby Lobby, which has a nice selection of fairy garden swag. Fabric stores like JoAnns carry fairy garden supplies too. You can also buy online, has a huge selection! 

2. Plan the layout of your fairy garden.

My favorite fairy gardens are ones with a good ole door. When you place it at the base of the tree, it’s so mysterious for passers by. Does the fairy occupy the entire tree or only a small section of it? Who knows! 

You can incorporate things around the house (or backyard) into your fairy garden. Make a custom sign, find interesting or colorful rocks, create a fence with some sticks! 

3. Seek out your fairy garden location.

The beauty and fun of a fairy garden is placing it in a spot that others can see and enjoy. You may just be inspire someone else to create their own fairy garden! You could build yours in your neighborhood park or maybe by your mail box. Fairies are social creators, so they enjoy the visitors of course!

4. Don’t forget the fairy dust. 

Where fairies go…their dust is sure to follow. (Parents, just add a little bit of glitter to your garden later to show your kiddos that a fairy has indeed paid it a visit!) 


Building a fairy garden is as easy as 1, 2, 3! It’s a fun and magical activity for young children and a memory they will cherish.

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