DIY Artwork Display {Kids Can Help!}

I love seeing the artwork that my 3-year-old brings home from preschool. I proudly display the masterpieces from my little artist on our refrigerator, but lately my refrigerator door space has been reaching full capacity. Sometimes, his creations would fall down and get chewed on or trampled by a curious baby brother. I found myself shoving macaroni art and handprint turkeys into a drawer and telling myself I would find a place for them later. I noticed several ideas on Zulily and Pinterest for displaying kids’ artwork and decided to make my own display board. It was surprisingly easy, even for a non-crafty person like myself. I’m sharing the steps with you today!

Materials Needed:

-Wood Board (I found one at Hobby Lobby)

-Clothes Pins


-Paint (I used chalk paint)

-Glue Gun

-Picture Hanging Wire

-Staple Gun

I began by painting my board. Have you heard of chalk paint? I was recently introduced to this magical product. Chalk paint has a matte (chalky) finish and is often used for painting furniture with a distressed look. It’s amazing. If you’re not familiar with chalk paint, you can purchase it at craft stores or you can make your own.


While I was painting the board, my preschooler painted the clothes pins. We just grabbed white paint from one of his craft kits and it did the trick!


I used a staple gun to attach the wire to the back of the board after allowing the paint to dry.


The final step was glueing the clothes pins to the board with a hot glue gun.

Voila! A simple way to display your child’s artwork. You can display a few pieces at a time and then rotate them out when your child brings home new creations.


Extra Hints:

Next time, I plan to use a larger board to allow more space for artwork. The piece I used was a foot long and I was able to display three items. You could also “dress up” the display board by adding stenciled lettering with your child’s name or other designs.

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