Top 5 Margaritas in Wichita

Kansas is well-known for its vivid sunsets, and during the heat of the summer one of my favorite ways to quench my thirst after a long day is with an ice cold margarita. Whether you prefer salt or sugar, frozen, on the rocks, or straight up Wichita does not fall short on providing ample options for these lime-infused tequila cocktails. After polling readers and compiling a list of more than ten places to try I came to the conclusion that the only option of truly finding the best in our area was to take one for the team and take a “tour de Margaritas”. 

#1. Red Rock -“The Perfect Margarita” 

As their drink menu boasts, this was truly the perfect margarita out of all of my stops. Garnished with a lime wedge and two olives (a fun twist on the traditional lime wedge), I loved that they also gave you the shaker and served it in a rocks glass which made you feel like you get two for the price of one. 


#2. Harry’s Uptown Bar and Grill- House Margarita 

I dubbed Harry’s House Marg as number two on the list because the lime flavor was so fresh and bold. I’m also a salt-on-the-rim kind of girl so I loved that these glasses were dipped with an ample amount. Another perk to sipping on a margarita here is that the have patio space and you can enjoy your beverage outside.

#3. Cheddar – Texas Swirl Margarita 

If you like frozen and flavored the Texas Swirl is for you! The strawberry flavor swirled in with the traditional lime gave this adult slushie a sweet taste but not an overwhelming amount which is what normally deters me from choosing a flavored marg. Cheddar’s also gave the most drink for the least price and as a bonus, they chill their glasses which gives you more time to drink! 

#4 District Taqueria- Diva Margarita 

Not only does District have amazing street style tacos, their margaritas will not disappoint. The Diva Margarita has a hint of hibiscus which gives it a fun twist, and the perfect amount of sweetness. Their location downtown makes it a great stop to start an evening out or wrap up the workweek! 

#5. Felipe’s- Lime Margarita

Another great stop on my list, I loved the availability of  patio seating which paired perfectly with their on the rocks version of the cocktail. 

Did your favorite make the list?

If not comment below and tell me where your go-to margarita is located and why, I’m always willing to do more market research! 




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