Best Tacos in Wichita :: 5 Amazing Local (and Almost Local) Eats

Here are a few things you should understand about tacos: Kids love them! Men love them! Women love them! It doesn’t matter what kind of taco it is – fried, soft, street, or Indian taco – they are all amazing. Plus, they’re a sure-fire way to hide veggies in your kids’ dinner, as well as being a quick and easy meal that doesn’t matter if you use a fork or not – just make sure you have a napkin within reach!

I guess you could say, when it comes to tacos, I have pretty high standards. Nothing beats my tia’s (auntie’s) authentic cast iron fried tacos filled with ground beef, peas or potatoes, homemade salsa, and love. But when she isn’t in town to spoil me with this Mexican staple, here are a few of my favorite places:

Gaga’s Grub

Dustin’s truck may say the Ugliest Taco Truck, but these are by far, THE. BEST. TACOS. And if you book him for a catering event, don’t worry—there is nothing ugly about his food presentation. It is beautiful, elegant, and scrumptious! Follow him on Facebook for days, times, and locations. Trust me, this is well worth it!

Ruben’s Mexican Grill in Delano

Tacos are the lunch special at Ruben’s on Fridays. They are fried and pretty darn close to my tia’s and served with the lightest Spanish rice I have ever had. But be warned: this lunch special makes me want to do anything but go back to work in the afternoon.

District Taqueria

From late March to early November, you can usually find our family hanging out downtown on Second Saturdays shopping and then munching on tacos and drinking Coronas at The District Taqueria on Douglas. Steak Carne Asada is our regular, but our son loves their fish tacos–add guac just to mix things up.

Los Cocos

This family establishment is east, west, and in Derby and has some amazing street tacos—order this version: soft flour tortillas filled with al pastor (it’s a pork dish) spiced with cilantro, and limes. Check out their daily margarita schedule, and the queso is a crowd favorite too. Dieting? Try their Steak Asada Salad…not a taco, but just as delicious.


Neive’s in Winfield

My tia is from the Winfield/Wellington area, and this restaurant feels like home. The fabulous old building the restaurant is seated in creates authentic atmosphere and is surrounded by some great local unique shopping places that makes for a great lunch stop. Neive’s fried tacos are legendary, and alarmingly familiar to my taste buds.

Let me know your favorite type of taco and where you go to get it!

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