Dear Husband on Father’s Day


Dear Husband,

As you know, Father’s Day has a very special meaning to me. It was Father’s day, 2010 that I was able to surprise you with a father’s day card to tell you that I was pregnant. After our miscarriage, and our hopes of becoming parents were dashed, it brought me so much joy to tell you that you were going to be a daddy!
I know you were equal parts excited and fearful of what the future might hold. While this pregnancy went smoothly for me, you had several job challenges where you showed me your true strength of character. You never gave up despite some personal setbacks. But you—and we—came out stronger on the other side. Those 9 months nurtured more than our firstborn. They nurtured resiliency, a new vocational dream, and our commitment to each other and our child. I can only hope and pray our children learn determination from you!
Prior to becoming parents, I’ve seen you run marathons, lead youth group trips, and make a home with me. However, parenting alongside you has shown me a whole different version of you that I hadn’t previously known. I’ve seen your heart so tender as you held your child for the first time. I’ve seen you beam with pride as you watched our children score their first basketball goals. I’ve seen you stay up and monitor our sick baby so I could catch a little extra sleep. The physical stamina it has taken to parent 2 babies just 18 months apart rivals the marathon running from days gone by.
You have demonstrated both love and discipline to our children. You have modeled compliments to me for our boys and they love to say, “I love you, beautiful girl!” You are teaching them how to respect the women in their lives from the very beginning. That gift is far more important than any material possessions we could provide them. 
While I tend to be task oriented and pay attention to the details you help remind me that childhood needs to have plenty of fun! You make time to get to know the interests of our boys, and when they look at you, the admiration just spills out. You have the ability to reach them unlike anyone else, as you build LEGO and shoot baskets with them, they are being shown the importance of quality time. You are their most influential teacher.
Photography by Cynthia Whiteside Photography
While we’ve had many fun and memorable family moments, we have had many difficult moments as well. Financial challenges, the decision for you to go back to school, and the common struggles of child-rearing have pushed you to your limits. You have met the challenges head on. The memories that I hope we both cling to are the sweet moments when you rocked our babies to sleep, coaxed the first steps, and heard their first words. The pride and joy I saw in you as these first milestones were met have helped me fall more in love with you!
I know there are many families that aren’t as fortunate as we are. Thank you for demonstrating unconditional love to me and our boys. We are grateful to have you go by the name “Daddy!” The way that you’ve loved and cared for our family has inspired me and given me so much confidence in the future ahead. We have many more firsts with our boys in the years ahead. First time driving, first jobs, first heartbreak. And even though we will have to still have to navigate so many uncharted roads, I look back on what we’ve experienced and know that we can handle it! So Happy Father’s Day, dear husband, we love you!
Your wife

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