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Talk Nerdy To Me: Podcasts the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Podcast popularity has really surged in the last year. With thousands of shows out there it can be intimidating getting started and finding shows that you really love. Today I’m sharing eight shows I don’t hesitate to listen to with my kids. Podcasts are the perfect medium for story-telling and digging deep into general knowledge […]

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Top 5 Myths About Online Schools

Thank you to K12 for sponsoring this post and offering high quality, tuition-free online education for Kansas kids and families! There are many great reasons why families choose online schools for their kindergarten through 12th grade students – and in Kansas alone, thousands of children are receiving the  highest quality education from the privacy of […]

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5 Affordable Family Spring Break Getaways | Wichita Moms Blog

5 Affordable Family Spring Break Getaways

Planning a family trip on a budget can be so challenging!  As spring and summer breaks are quickly approaching, here are five destinations with family-friendly attractions that won’t break the bank.  All but one destination are within driving distance of Wichita!  Of course, each of these destinations has many more attractions, but I’ve picked out a […]

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spring break in wichita

Guide to Kid-Friendly Spring Break Activities in Wichita

Are you ready for Spring Break? We know your kids are! Whether you need a week-long camp to keep them busy or just a few fun family activities to keep you sane, this list will tell you where to go. From art and nature to sports and movies, there are tons of kid-friendly Spring Break activities […]

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More Precious Thank You Think | Wichita Moms Blog

More Precious Than You Think :: Perspective In The Trenches of Parenting

Sigh. Breathe. You can do this. Breathe.  I repeat this to myself as the screaming/fighting sounds that can only come from siblings continue from the other room. The half-scream-half-whines have been going on for what seems like ALL THE HOURS on this particular morning. Hesitantly, I glance at the clock. Um, 9:07 a.m. Fantastic. That […]

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10 Large Family Struggles

Since we have five children in a wide age range, we experience life a little differently than some of our other parent friends. Maybe you can relate? Here are some of our #largefamilystruggles: 1.  Scheduling ANYTHING is a nightmare.  This, this, this.  We aren’t just working around naptimes, we’re working around those PLUS early bedtimes for toddlers, […]

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Kindergarten Readiness

Ready, Set, Go! Keys to Kindergarten Readiness

Thank you to Central Christian Academy for sponsoring this post and to Carrie Jones, Director of Admissions, for sharing tips for Kindergarten readiness with our community of Wichita moms.  Your baby is growing up, and kindergarten is right around the corner. Whether you are a full-time stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mom, or fall somewhere in between, the […]

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The New ‘B’ Word

There’s a new “B” word in town, and it ends with “-ully.” I know that the anti-bullying campaign started with the best of intentions.  Bullying is real.  In fact, I was bullied pretty severely for a time in high school.  A group of older girls I didn’t really know decided they didn’t like me for […]

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Rear View Of Family Walking Through Autumn Woodland

The Talk : Guest Post by Dr. Hague

Disclosure : Thank you to Heartland Women’s Group Gynecology and Obstetrics Services for sponsoring this post and to Dr. Hague for sharing her expertise with our community of moms. I have seen many teenagers who told me their parents never talked to them about sex. I believe them because many of my patients who are parents tell […]

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