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Growing Your Family : Going from 1 to 2 was the Hardest

I heart big families. Which is good because I have five kids. When we welcomed our third, people were like “whoa!”, our fourth “don’t you have three already?” and our 5th “you know what causes this, right?” I (obviously) know the answers to all of these questions, but welcoming another baby is not hard for […]

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Maternity Leave - how it should be

Prepping for Maternity Leave

My first maternity leave occurred while I was in my first year of teaching. I learned a few lessons the hard way, and here are my thoughts as I prepare for my second round of maternity leave. My mindset going into my first maternity leave: Wow, 8 weeks at home with a baby who eats and […]

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Done having babies

When Your Head and Heart Conflict Over Having More Babies

We are done having babies. At least I think we are. It’s something I find myself questioning as our second and final baby is rapidly growing up before my very eyes, reaching new milestones before I even realize she’s mastered the last. It all happens so quickly, causing me to dwell on the thought that there will soon be no more babies in […]

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The Happiest and Hardest Days :: Finding My Way to Enjoy Motherhood the Most

I was volunteering at an event last week where my kids were encouraged to tag along.  There was a woman there, a mother herself, yet years ahead of me in experience as her children are now long grown and gone.  We made small talk throughout the morning; I learned a little about her family and […]

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Feet on bathroom scale with hand drawn sad cute faces

My Struggle to Accept My Post-Baby Body

I remember the first time I attempted to try on my favorite pair of jeans, the ones I hadn’t worn in at least 9 months. I remember the desperate ache in my heart begging for the possibility they would slip right on, and I remember the self-loathing I felt when they didn’t. I remember catching […]

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