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Chores Can Be a Moms Best Friend

I have read many articles on the benefits of children having chores from a young age. I had chores from an early age, and while I never really grew to love dusting and cleaning the bathroom, I certainly learned a few things about responsibility and doing your best despite not enjoying the task. Because chores […]

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A Love Letter to the House We’re Leaving

A Love Letter to the House We’re Leaving

Dear Sweet Second Home,   We knew this day would come. When we bought you 4 and a half years ago, before our two kids (and all of their stuff,) we realized we’d one day be short on space. We moved from a darling first home in Sleepy Hollow and were so excited to have […]

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farha roofing

Replacing Your Roof :: 9 Things to Do Before You Sign A Contract

Thank you to Farha Roofing for sponsoring this post and providing excellent home repairs to Wichita families!Homeowners can face obstacles when looking to replace or fix their roof. Farha Roofing can help you avoid those obstacles. After a damaging storm, a homeowner will need to quickly repair their roof and get back to normal. This […]

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College Hill

A Letter to My Neighborhood

Dear Neighborhood,   I’m writing as I love you. Oh College Hill, you are a neighborhood worth the effort. With old homes, plenty of diversity and ample front porches, thank you for reminding me of why it is important to invest in community and character.    You see, in the last week, the air conditioner […]

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Homeschooling in Wichita | Wichita Moms Blog | A comprehensive list of educational and extracurricular groups and activities for homeschool families in Wichita!

Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling in Wichita :: Educational Resources for Parents & Students

Whether you're a veteran homeschool mom, new to homeschooling entirely, or just new to homeschooling in Wichita, you'll love this comprehensive list of resources for families who choose to educate their children privately at home. From co-ops and sports to virtual education programs and enrichment activities, everything you need to know about homeschooling in Wichita, [...]
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sewing class, quilting, organizing wichita

Get Crafty with WSU’s Community Education!

Special thanks to Wichita State’s Community Education Program for sponsoring this post and providing informative and fun classes for moms in our area!Get crafty with WSU’s Community Education! Does winter have you feeling down? Are you longing for the long, warm, lazy days of summer? If so, this is the perfect time to get organized […]

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WSU Community Education Classes

Spring into 2018 with WSU’s Super Fun Community Education Classes

Special thanks to Wichita State’s Community Education Program for sponsoring this post and providing informative and fun classes for moms in our area! 2018 is here, and Wichita State is excited to announce our spring schedule of WSU Community Education courses! We have a mix of new classes as well as returning favorites. Our classes […]

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