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Showing Appreciation :: Teacher Gift Ideas

Everyone remembers their favorite teacher, the one who left a lasting mark on their heart and who changed them for the better. I grew up with a plethora of amazing teachers. At the time I wasn’t so sure about them, but looking back, they all taught me lessons that weren’t in the text books. Something that I can […]

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Four Out of the Ordinary Wichita Adventures

If your family is like mine, sometimes you long for something new, something exciting.  You take the same trek through the zoo, go to the same parks, visit the same museums and libraries. You’re in a rut. I am a huge cheerleader for all the family friendly activities Wichita boasts, but every once in a […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Child to Dance {Sponsored Post}

Wichita Moms Blog is partnering with MGM Studio of the Dance for this sponsored post. However we fully support and believe in the positive impact of the arts and dance on our children! It happens nearly everyday. Kids are at their melt-down point and only one parenting tactic will reset your day: the living room dance party! There’s something about turning […]

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Donate Pile Pic Mom/Kid

Why Joy Can Be Found In The Donate Pile

Do the things in your home “spark joy?” The answer may be a resounding “YES!” for some or a ho-hum “well, not really” for others. Recently, a good friend of mine sent me an article about why we should only keep what “spark joy” and purge anything in our home that didn’t. To some this […]

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sawyer harmonica

The Moment I Truly Felt Needed as a Mom

We were at book club at my friend Mary’s house, and my one year old, Sawyer, was a mess. I remember thinking, will this child please just cooperate? He wasn’t acting anything like his two older siblings at this age and I was SO over everyone telling me that all kids are different. I know all kids […]

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Spring Clean

6 Steps To Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Does the mere thought of decluttering and organizing completely overwhelm you? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Spring cleaning can feel daunting, but it can actually be a fun and rewarding experience if done the right way. I too used to dread spring cleaning. I felt guilty if I didn’t at least attempt it, envious of […]

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3 Easy Tips to Encourage Reading

As a child I did not possess an innate desire to read. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I dreaded our weekly visits to the library, independent reading time, and book reports (yawn!).  For me, attending the school book fair meant I could buy new Lisa Frank (how awesome was Lisa Frank?!?!) pencils or […]

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