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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) – Q&A

The first time I saw the ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) video of a child walking into their backyard and falling into the pool, my heart stopped. Then, with goosebumps and my jaw wide open, I kept watching. He instantly knew to roll over, float on his back and cry for help. I was amazed, beyond […]

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5 More Parks in Wichita

5 {More} Favorite Parks Around Town

This post was inspired by suggestions by 5 Favorite Parks Around Town.  With summer in full swing, I am constantly trying to keep my boys somewhat busy. After all, when kids are busy, they stay out of trouble, right? However, keeping busy isn’t always easy when trying to stay within a summer budget. Numerous trips to the ice […]

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5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom {According to a Child Therapist}

We’re midway through the summer, and it’s possible that you’re already hearing, “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!” As a professional child therapist and mom, I’m acquainted with these phrases. Here are 5 ideas to help the rest of your summer along: 1). Keep your routine. As much as kids would have you believe that […]

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Fishing with Littles in Wichita

Fishing With Littles

When I think of fishing, I think of a relaxed time. A time to cast your reel, sit in a chair with a sunhat, enjoying the quiet shore with your feet kicked up waiting for the fish to bite. Fishing with children, however, isn’t quite that picturesque.  But, it’s fun. Fun for you and for […]

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Small Town Spotlight :: Free Ways To Explore El Dorado With Your Kids

One of the wonderful yet frustrating aspects of dealing with small children is their unpredictability. Sometimes it’s fun wondering what cute and funny things will come out of their unpredictable little mouths. It’s not always fun when you spend 45 minutes driving to the waterpark that your child is guaranteed to love and your 3-year-old […]

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Summer Playdate Series Kick-off at Chick-fil-A {Recap}

image credit :: Alison Moore Photography   We can’t think of a better way to jump start our 2015 Summer Playdate Series than a sponsored playdate at Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A Central and Rock Road really knows how to throw a kid-friendly party, and we were so honored for them to graciously host one fabulous playdate for our […]

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Summer Movie Family Fun in Wichita

Summer Movie Family Fun in Wichita

 photo credit :: Summers are full of bicycle rides with the neighborhood kids, fresh lemonade stands, swimming until your fingers and toes become prunes and going to the MOVIES. Wichita has some great summer movie programs perfect for the whole family. Here are just a few :: The Palace West Shows are on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. […]

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Strataca Salt Mines :: An Under-This-World Experience

Somewhere under the rainbow, 650 feet below the Earth’s surface in the middle of Hutchinson, KS, you’ll find more than just amber waves of grain. You’ll find Strataca, a one-of-a-kind attraction and the only salt mine tour in North America. The darkness is piercing as you travel deep underground, and the long ride down the shaft […]

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