5 Affordable Family Spring Break Getaways

Planning a family trip on a budget can be so challenging!  As spring and summer breaks are quickly approaching, here are five destinations with family-friendly attractions that won’t break the bank.  All but one destination are within driving distance of Wichita!  Of course, each of these destinations has many more attractions, but I’ve picked out a handful to share with you:

1. Kansas City.  We are so fortunate to live within driving distance of this great city! Just hop on the turnpike from Wichita and you can be there in about 3 hours. Check out all of these fun family attractions:

  • Kauffman Stadium (home of the Royals!) – If you visit during baseball season, catch a game!  During the months of May through August, there is a firework show after Friday night games, and Sundays are “family fun days” with special attractions for young ones. Visit during the off-season with your sports-loving kiddos to visit the Royals Hall of Fame or go on a stadium tour.
  • Schlitterbahn Water Park – For the warm months!


2. Oklahoma City.  This is another place you can get to in three hours or less–that’s just two Disney movies in the trusty van DVD player!


3. St. Louis.  This is a little longer drive than the first two, but you can get there in about seven hours–still very drive-able!

4. Colorado.  Colorado has tons of possibilities, but I’ve grouped them into three categories below to highlight some favorites.  See if you can take the Amtrak train out of Newton to your destination for added fun!

  • Family-Friendly Ski Resorts
    • Crested Butte – It has a kids’ night out.  Folks, this means you can take your kids on vacation AND get some alone time with your spouse! It also has many kids’ attractions, including special kids’ trails and rock-climbing.
    • Snowmass – This resort has tons of family-themed events, including the Treehouse Adventure Center and on-site daycare geared towards different ages!
    • Beaver Creek – Again, tons of kid-friendly activities–including a glowstick processional on the slopes!
    • Keystone – If you stay two or more nights, Keystone offers a kids-ski-free program that could be totally worth it!
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver

5. Branson.  This one doesn’t need much explanation–Branson is the ultimate family destination! Beyond all of the shows and rides, here are some of the major attractions you have to see:


BONUS:  Vegas.  That’s not a typo–I do mean Las Vegas!  We’ve actually taken our kids here, and it’s very affordable to fly there through Allegiant Air.  Double Bonus: it’s a direct flight, which makes traveling with kids so. much. easier.  If you’re really brave like us, you can even rent a car and drive to Anaheim to check out Disneyland . . . or you can just hang out in Sin City and check out the 7 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Las Vegas.



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  1. Amghala Makhali March 23, 2016 at 7:11 am #

    Schlitterbahn Water Park how is this? i want to visit in this summer can you post more information about this?

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