Dear Breast Pump

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Dear Breast Pump,

What a journey we’ve had together. For the past six months, it’s been you and me feeding the babe – and now it has come to an end. The pumping, feeding, supplementing, and repeat has overtaken my life. We tried tea, pills, lactation cookies, power pumping- anything to make my body produce more. But my supply is my supply and I have learned to accept that. And you, sweet pump, have stayed with me through it all. The time has come though, my friend, and I have to return you. You, my hospital grade pump, who helped keep my tiny but sacred milk supply to its max, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you pump, who helped me pump every precious ounce to feed to my little one. It was never a lot, but every ounce I had to give to my son, you were the one who helped me attain it.

Thank you, for keeping me company through those middle of the night pumping sessions, when the house was silent except for you and your rhythmic churning. I’d listen to you so often, I began to think you were speaking to me!

Thank you for entertaining my two year old. He was so enamored by you, and tried to “pump” many a times. After I returned you, he asked where you were and did mom, “return the big yellow pump?” Even at bedtime he asked if you were coming back.

Thank you for being a conversation starter at social gatherings. You came to my brother’s wedding, on a birthday party bus, Junior League events, and a vineyard. You and your large, industrial-sized case were dubbed the “spare tire,” and always had the proper introduction.

Finally, thank you for being you.  No matter what the day brought, I always knew I could count on you, pump.  I really didn’t think I would be able to give my son breast milk for this long.

And even if it wasn’t the fullest supply, it was mine…I mean ours.

Did you use a breastpump? How was your experience? 

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