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free movies in wichita

Cheap & Free Summer Movies in Wichita

Summer weather in Kansas can be as unpredictable as…well, as any time of the year in Kansas. This makes it vital that we have a fully loaded bag of tricks to keep our little people busy! For those days when it feels as hot as the surface of the sun and you cannot face the idea […]

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breweries in wichita (1)

Guide to Wichita Breweries

The Wichita beer scene is an evolving landscape. Those may not have been words that you would have read even 5 years ago – but true beer enthusiasts (and novices) are able to enjoy some truly great craft beers made right here in Wichita, KS. Check out our roundup of all the best brews our […]

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Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention and You

All I have ever wanted to do is help people, especially children. I very clearly remember the day when I was getting ready to go to college that my dad turned to me and said, “Please don’t be a social worker. They have an incredibly thankless job and don’t get paid very well.” So of course, […]

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Flower 101

Flower Buying 101

I hate surprises, but there is one surprise that I will always appreciate: being surprised with flowers.  Receiving flowers always make me feel special and can brighten event the crummiest of days. Thankfully my husband’s flower buying game is strong, but for those who are new to the flower buying game here are a few […]

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Celebrating Autumn with the Hindu Festival of Onam

I have always loved autumn.  Something about this season has always seemed to me to be a celebration of family and community. From reuniting with school families to gathering as a community to cheer on our local football team, I just love it all. Since marrying my husband I officially have a holiday that celebrates […]

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Photo by K. Marie Photography

Please Parent My Child

At the park the other day my son was playing with another little boy. I watch as they played, from a safe distance to be available, but not helicopter-y. They appeared to be getting along great when the other little boy turned to his mom and said something about not listening. In that moment I […]

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Looking for the good

Looking for the Good

Evil exists in the world, but remember to look for the good. This is the lesson I hope to impart on my son as he grows. On the days following the tragedy in Charlottesville, my husband and I sat watching the news in disbelief. I was heartbroken for the people of Charlottesville, for all people […]

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