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fireworks wichita independence day

4th of July in Wichita :: Fireworks, Parades & More

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. The barbecues, parades, elaborate fireworks – I just love it all. Are you ready for some red, white and blue? There are several celebrations and activities planned in and around Wichita. Browse through the list below and start marking your calendar for some holiday […]

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Pumpkin Carving Activities

Non-Carving Pumpkin Ideas

Each time Halloween rolls around I get excited to carve pumpkins. It’s enticingly messy and fun emptying the guts out of a pumpkin to prepare it for carving. There’s nothing like the feeling of the slimy pumpkin seeds between your fingers and the stringy pumpkin guts resisting the pull of your hand. And, while my […]

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WMB House

Selling Your House…With Kids

Buying a house can tug at your heart. You look, you look, you look some more – you find one you love, and then it’s a gamble. You make an offer and hold your breath. Will it be accepted? Will someone else offer more? A handful of different circumstances could come into play. It is exhausting, emotional, […]

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A Grand Adventure :: Tips for Moving with Kids

A Grand Adventure :: Tips for Moving with Kids

Sitting on the front porch of our new home, I recently attempted to brainstorm with my husband some tips he thought might be helpful for families who are preparing to move. Recalling our own recent experience, he jokingly stated, “Don’t move.” However, I realize that is a bit unrealistic! A Day of Phone Calls It’s […]

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How to Have a Picture-Perfect Newborn Photography Session

Thank you to Sally Cavanaugh Photography for sponsoring this post and for beautifully capturing life’s most memorable moments for Wichita area families.   This time is simply euphoric. Your bundle of joy has arrived and those little fingers and toes have your heart melting! If you’re first time parents or have never had newborn pictures taken, your mind might be […]

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children's photographer in Wichita

The Beauty of Motherhood :: I Want to Remember That

Thank you to Alison Moore Photography for sponsoring this series and for choosing us to debut her new signature sessions, The Beauty of Motherhood.  Alison Moore Photography limits her time and talent to a select number of families each year to preserve the authenticity and intimacy of each session. Connect here to learn more about availability and capturing these fleeting moments […]

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Teething Trouble :: Bleeding Gums

Teething. For some babies it’s a real battle. Drooling, chewing, ear pulling and irritability – all common traits associated with teething. Traits that can last days, weeks, even months. What I didn’t know was that occasionally when a tooth cuts through it can cause bleeding. You can imagine my panic when I got the report […]

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Growing up, I always had a picture in my head of what motherhood looked like. My picture was a pristine home, the kids playing nicely on the floor, a freshly made dinner prepared nightly and our evenings filled with a flawless routine of baths and bedtime stories. After having children, I realized my view was […]

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I Thought I Had A Good Baby

I Thought I Had A “Good” Baby

After having my second child people would frequently ask, “Is he a good baby?” My immediate response would always be, “Yes!” I thought he was amazing! No, he didn’t sleep much, neither of my kids have been good sleepers, but he was always cheerful and smiling. When the school year started last fall, I decided to […]

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Potty Training A Mother

Potty training. This huge life lesson is not my favorite. I didn’t realize what a big role I was going to have in the potty training process! I’ll be honest, I’m not a very good potty training cheerleader – it took several attempts to stay dedicated, to stay determined, to stay strong and enthusiastic about […]

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Sibling Love

Siblings. I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately. As I watch my youngest child grow, and my older daughter naturally becomes an intricate part of his life, I have been thinking about how amazingly cool siblings are. Sure, you don’t get to choose them, and you’ve probably had some serious arguments or disagreements at […]

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teal pumpkin project

The Teal Pumpkin Project

As Halloween gets closer, the aisles and displays are towering with chocolate and sweets everywhere we turn, and the time is coming to start stocking up for the slew of adorable trick-or-treaters that will come ringing. While it’s easy to quickly grab a few bags of assorted candy and be done with the holiday shopping, […]

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