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how to help kids deal with the hard stuff

How to Help Kids Deal with the Hard Stuff

Over the last few weeks, my little town has really been traveling through some rough times.  People always say, “nothing happens in small towns.” “That nothing bad can happen here.” “Thankfully, we don’t live in the city.” Well, man were we wrong. Scary things are happening with little or no warning. Families are torn apart […]

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Breastfeeding Sucks…But I Do It Anyway

Ha ha…did you catch the pun? Disclaimer: This is mostly tongue-in-cheek and written with much respect for those who can’t breastfeed.  I truly appreciate your struggle. Friends, breastfeeding newborns and infants is exhausting. About three weeks into breastfeeding our new bundle of joy, I remember saying, “I’m about ready to be done serving as a milk […]

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working mom guilt

Back to Work :: Relief vs. Guilt

Today was my first day back at work after baby number two. It has been approximately 10 weeks since I have made my daily contribution to the minds of today’s youth. Well, at least those youths outside of my immediate blood relation because if we count my blood relations, I have given of my sweat, milk, […]

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Maternity Leave - how it should be

Prepping for Maternity Leave

My first maternity leave occurred while I was in my first year of teaching. I learned a few lessons the hard way, and here are my thoughts as I prepare for my second round of maternity leave. My mindset going into my first maternity leave: Wow, 8 weeks at home with a baby who eats and […]

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Vacation Rental: Jammie time on the deck!

Vacation Rentals 101

Ok, so we may be relatively new to the game, but in the last couple years we have vacationed utilizing the vacation rental home websites like or And it has been AWESOME! We have gone to Hawaii, Colorado, and Massachusetts.  Each experience has had its downfalls, like any travel experience, but we truly […]

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