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Conquering Your Cranky

There are days when a fussy baby or a whiny toddler can cause even the most patient mother lose her cool. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day, maybe your child continues to repeat a certain behavior that irks you, or potty-training and picky eating have you feeling peeved. […]

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Running On Mom Time

Since becoming a mom to my two little guys (a preschooler and 6-month-old), I seem to have a chronic tardiness problem. I mean we are late pretty much wherever we go. My husband mentioned something about it the other day. I stammered and tried to deny it, but I knew he was right. Ugh. Why […]

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Small Town Spotlight :: Free Ways To Explore El Dorado With Your Kids

One of the wonderful yet frustrating aspects of dealing with small children is their unpredictability. Sometimes it’s fun wondering what cute and funny things will come out of their unpredictable little mouths. It’s not always fun when you spend 45 minutes driving to the waterpark that your child is guaranteed to love and your 3-year-old […]

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The Truth About Traveling With Small Children

I have a confession to make. Before I was a parent, I would see moms and dads traveling with little ones and I would silently judge them. I would see frazzled parents at the airport, lugging diaper bags and shoving Goldfish crackers into the mouths of screeching toddlers as they ran hurriedly toward their gate, […]

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New Contributor Spotlight :: Meet Lauren

Hello, Wichita Moms! I’m Lauren, wife to Dan and mom to two busy little boys (3 years old and 4 months old). It’s not often that I have a chance to sit down and think of ways to describe myself, but here goes! As weird as this sounds, my childhood was unusual but also traditional […]

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