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Mom’s Night Out :: Bunco, Baby!

I look forward to the second Wednesday of each month ALMOST as much as date night with my husband! Why? It’s bunco night – better known as Mom’s Night Out! What is Bunco? You play rounds and roll your dice to get a specific number for that round.  For example, in Round 1, I would roll the […]

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Kids in Weddings: A Mom’s Guide for Brides

So you’re getting married?  Congratulations!  Now that you’ve gathered your best lady friends and your soon-to-be hubby’s best guy friends to stand up with you on your wedded day of bliss, you need to find some super cute little people to lead the way down the aisle. Can it be challenging to keep them interested and meltdown-free? Absolutely. […]

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social media parents

Social Media Guidelines for Parents

If you ask my husband, the problem with the world today is Facebook. Typically, this comment is made after 15 minutes spent telling him about the latest drama in my Facebook feed. And normally, I would just roll my eyes and wonder if he’s going to be as grumpy as my grandpa in his old age. […]

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Family Friends

{Family} Friends with Benefits

On our three hour plane ride home from a vacation with two out of the three families in our social circle, I had some time to reflect on how incredibly blessed we were to have all of them in our lives. Growing up, there were three other families that my family spent a lot of time […]

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A Letter to My Child’s Grandparents

  Dear Mom and Dad, I remember that day like it was yesterday – the day you became grandparents.  You sat in the waiting room for hours; sometimes patiently, other times not so much. You were excited and supportive, and that’s all that we could ask for!  When our little bundle of joy arrived, it was […]

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Quick and Easy Ways to Display Family Memories

In a perfect world, I’d be down in my craft room knocking out lavish scrapbooks documenting every moment of my son’s life and quilting memory blankets out of his first year’s worth of clothes. But let’s be real…ain’t nobody got time for that! I would consider myself a pretty creative person, and prior to having a […]

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Challenge Games

Prioritizing :: Career vs. Family

Last year, I was routinely going through my photos, transferring them onto a disc for storage and began to realize how many pictures were from work functions versus my own little family. Fundraising events, summer camps, mingles – they nearly matched the number of pictures I had of my son and I won’t even tell […]

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