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America is Counting on Us

In the wake of terror in our country, I’ve spent so much time thinking about how to fix this.  How as Americans can we possibly recover from recent events and change the future? As moms, I believe we are key.  We have the power to mold the little minds that we care for each day. […]

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Giving My Husband More Grace | Wichita Moms Blog

Giving My Husband More Grace

We all have our moments.  Those moments when we are irritated, frustrated and the worst version of ourselves.  The wonderful thing about motherhood is that for some reason we can practice patience with our children.  No matter how terrible the tantrum, yelling or chaos, we find the grace to love our children. giving my husband […]

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Heart Disease: It Can Happen to You

Heart disease is something I never thought I would battle. I ate plenty of fruits and vegetables and went to CrossFit several times per week. I’m good, right? I heard the statistics regarding women and heart disease and looked the other way. I remember being much more nervous about developing breast cancer than heart disease, […]

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The Low Down on Baby Helmets

“Your child needs a helmet.” Five words no mom wants to hear. In fact, the first time the doctor mentioned the idea of a helmet for my son, I’m pretty sure I cried for 2 hours. I felt guilty and isolated! But worry not mamas, you aren’t alone. Or guilty. Let’s start with the guilt. It is not […]

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