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How Motherhood Forced Me Out of PeoplePleasing

No More “Nice Girl” :: How Motherhood Forced Me Out of People-Pleasing

I’m a lifelong non-confrontational, “nice girl”. Like all other “nice girls”, I learned at a pretty early age  to keep quiet when something upset me and accept inappropriate remarks and behavior with a polite smile, because that’s what “nice” people do. They keep the drama quotient low and avoid conflict whenever possible. The problem is that conflict […]

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Wichita Date Ideas | Wichita Moms Blog

The ULTIMATE Wichita Date Ideas Guide {200+ Ideas for Every Budget}

  More than just a list of Wichita restaurants and movie theaters, our comprehensive guide offers 200+ ideas for every budget. Think you’ve run out of Wichita date night ideas? Think again! Adventure Seekers Give rock climbing a try at Bliss Bouldering & Climbing, Genesis Health Club, Kansas Cliff Club, the YMCA, or Wichita State University Test your problem […]

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The Truth About Hand Me Downs

Bye-Bye Baby Stuff :: The Truth About Hand Me Downs

Moms seem to fall squarely into two camps: they love receiving hand-me-downs from other moms…or loathe it. When my daughter was born, I was fortunate to have a friend whose daughter was just one year older. As her baby outgrew age-appropriate toys, gear, and adorable clothing from stores I couldn’t afford, I had to play […]

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gilmore girls party

How to Throw A Gilmore Girls Party

This is what we’ve been training for, people! A Gilmore Girls watch party is the perfect way to celebrate our much-anticipated return to Stars Hollow – and no one watches TV quite like a Gilmore! Food, drinks, attire and more - here’s everything you need to have on hand before The Lorelais’ First Day on Netflix. GILMORE GUEST LIST Are you [...]
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Apple Picking in Wichita

Wichita Orchards (Apple, Peach & Pear Picking)

YOU-PICK ORCHARDS IN WICHITA apple picking :: peach picking :: pear picking One our favorite fall family bucket list activities is apple picking in Wichita (and the surrounding areas)! We've compiled a list of You-Pick orchards in Wichita (and a few that offer pre-picked produce) for fruit lovers of all ages. Depending on the season, you [...]
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Instagram buy sell hashtags

6 Instagram Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

#1 – Multiple User Accounts  Instagram now offers multiple users! You can create as many personal or business accounts as you want, and easily flip back and forth between all of them! Setting up separate accounts with different security settings allows you to gain full use of all Instagram has to offer while controlling your privacy. You […]

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thank my dad

10 Things I Couldn’t Thank My Dad for Until I Became A Mom

Dear Dad, Have I said “thank you” enough times in the last 35 years? Maybe for the obvious stuff…birthday gifts, famiy dinners, free babysitting…but I don’t remember thanking you for these 10 things that ended up being really important: thank my dad #1 – Thank you for making us drive everywhere on vacations. One of life’s earliest lessons in […]

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To Our New Pledge Class on Your First Mother’s Day

Dear Pledges, CONGRATULATIONS on surviving the recruitment process! For some of you, this was an incredibly arduous journey – miscarriage, adoption, IVF, surrogacy – and you fought hard for your spot here at Mu Omicron Mu (MOM). You accepted your bids gladly, and we are excited to have you! For others, the shock may not […]

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hospital vs. home birth

If You Can’t Tell the Difference, Why Should I?

Most of us start making plans the moment we find out we’re pregnant. We scare the snot out of our hormonal selves searching for the birth experience, sleep method and feeding philosophies that are least likely to ruin our child. Hospital vs. home birth? Breast or bottle? Attachment Parenting or Babywise? Everyone guarantees that their method […]

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end daylight saving time

Death to Daylight Saving Time

You’ve spent the last few months implementing every sleep training strategy you could find in books and on the internet. You’ve bribed your kids to go to bed and purchased special alarm clocks that indicate the exact moment they can get break out of their Pottery Barn prisons overflowing with toys, coordinated bedding, and educational books. But now looming […]

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