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pumpkin spice everything wichita

Wichita Area Pumpkin Spice Everything

It’s September and you know what that means: the official flavor of fall arrives! You may live under a rock if you aren’t sure what that flavor is so, just in case you do, I’ll throw it out there for you…PUMPKIN SPICE. Here are some pumpkin-flavored eats and drinks Wichitans can enjoy while savoring the […]

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What “Alone Time” Means to an Ambivert

I can hear it now. “What in the world is an ambivert?” As someone who is obsessed with self-discovery, I thought the same thing as I was trying to figure this part of myself out some years ago.  So, dear reader, allow our intelligent friend Google to tell you because what can’t Google explain? “Alone […]

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Songbird Juice Cleanse

Detox Diary :: My 3-Day Songbird Juice Co. Cleanse

Thanks to Songbird Juice Co. for sponsoring this post and providing fresh, delicious snacks and juices for Wichita families!The first time I heard about a juice cleanse was about 6 years ago. After much research, I ordered a 7-day cleanse through a juicery in California. I had high hopes and great expectations. It was a […]

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Why I Work 3

Dear Daughters, This Is Why I Work

Dear Sweet Daughters, You may not quite understand why I work yet, but someday I have faith that you will. You’ve never really known a time when I stayed home. After experiencing the pure elation of bringing each of you into the world, three years apart, I went back to work when you were each […]

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Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself & Others

I’m quite positive that my parents would most likely describe me as having high expectations since birth. Strong-willed, determined and an independent thinker, I probably wasn’t always the easiest child to raise. When I began attending school, my expectations only got worse. I became extremely involved in extracurricular activities (particularly sports) and my expectations became higher […]

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