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Why Football is the Best Sport for Moms

After reading that title, I’m sure some Moms are saying….”What?! Football is the LAST sport for moms.” I hear you. I totally understand, and up until I met my husband more than 18 years ago, I was right there with you!  Not only is football a male-dominated sport, but moms cringe thinking about their child’s […]

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College: A new parenting phase

College :: A New Parenting Phase

As moms, we all know how hard and rewarding parenting can be during any phase. The fact that our children don’t come with manuals or a “how to” list doesn’t keep us from diving right in and figuring this parenting gig out. During every phase of parenting; newborn, toddler, school age, pre-teen and so on, […]

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The worry of parenting older kids

The Worry of Parenting Older Kids

I remember the days, very vividly, when my four kids were all little. I was so busy with diaper changes, temper tantrums, cutting up food and picking up toys that I would wish for them to be older. I would wish that they could tie their own shoes, flush the toilet and clean up after themselves.  […]

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