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Yes, I Ate My Placenta. Here’s Why.

“You EAT your PLACENTA?!”  Well, I encapsulate so yes AND no. Here’s what you should know about using your placenta after birth:  WHY? There’s not quality research proving that ingesting your placenta will lead to benefits. Many birth workers are trying to get that done. Until then, we just have anecdotal reports from women who […]

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Midwife Prenatal Care :: Busting (and Confirming) the Stereotypes

If you’re imagining a long-haired hippie wearing a tie-dyed skirt who chants while waving incense when an expecting mama mentions her appointment with a midwife: keep reading.   After receiving prenatal care from both OBGYNs and multiple midwives, it seems only right to share the similarities differences I’ve experienced. Plus, I’ll hit on some of […]

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