Skinny Genes

Special thanks to GoTimeTraining for sponsoring this program and brining quality health and fitness programs to moms in our community.

So often I get tossed into the “lucky” category when comes to my body’s shape and size. At 5’8″ and 130 pounds prior to my second baby, I was the closest I have ever been to my high school weight (I know ladies, but hear me out). Now 3 months after welcoming baby #2, I was almost back to my pre-baby size…but there was a major problem. I was that way not because I was healthy, but because I had “skinny genes”. My grandmother had 6 babies, zero stretch marks, and was tiny. My mom still brags about walking out of the hospital 3 days after having me and fitting into her size zero jeans. Newsflash – zero means you don’t exist, btw. According to the rules of math, that means you have nothing; zero= zilch. Eating was also a major issue for me. My toddler stole the snacks that I did make for myself in between chasing her and nursing the baby. Nursing can be great for weight loss, but it isn’t favorable if you’re not consuming in enough calories because your toddler is a food thief.

So there I was running a business, chasing a toddler, nursing a baby, helping care for my mom and practicing great self care  running myself into the ground. It was a recipe for disaster. 

I was unhealthy.

GoTimeTraining‘s 28-day Fit Start Challenge was nothing short of lifestyle changing. I say “lifestyle”, because much like Rachel’s experience, my everyday habits were shifting. I will admit that I went into the program with the mindset that I may not lose any weight because I was already “skinny”.

I have never been mogotime trainingre proud to admit that I was wrong.

I experienced a change in my overall daily health. I had increased energy! I developed conscious eating and was learning to be more selfish with my 5 meals everyday. Since I was nursing, they set this up for me so I actually gained calories and never saw a change in my milk supply for baby. I honestly can’t remember that last time I ate so much! I enjoyed the most delectable, satisfying meals through the recipes they provided. I made the recipe for pumpkin cream cheese muffins and then ate THREE because the plan said I could! They were delicious and loaded with healthy ingredients (and replacement options). The workouts were intensive and challenged me. We joked that we wouldn’t be able to hold our tooth brushes the next day…but the next day I felt great! 

After 28 days I lost 3.2% body fat and 2.2lbs!

Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so that means that while I lost that those cute baby rolls, I actually toned and saw a difference.

gotime training
So listen up ladies, “skinny girls” included, I’m on to you.

I know how you feel, and I know you’re probably not rocking your dream body, healthy inside and out. This bootcamp is designed for EVERYONE. You don’t have to skim by everyday. The meal plans and the workouts are designed to help you succeed.  It’s not overwhelming and they can build to suit depending on your needs. They can also include additional cardio and strength training. I am excited to have had this opportunity to participate and plan to go forward utilizing the tools they have taught me to eat better and exercise.

We all deserve great health, so what are you waiting for?! It’s GoTime!

Want to join in on this lifestyle transformation? GoTimeTraining is hosting another 28-day Fit Start Challenge in January!  Click here to receive notifications about how to sign-up.

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