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Special thanks to Orangetheory Fitness - Wichita East for bringing quality fitness programming to moms in Wichita.
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Our post workout look. We definitely burned some calories at Orangetheory!

We all burn for different things. Many of us moms are simply trying to fit back into our pre-pregnancy jeans, and gosh, it’s tough. Some of us are focused on overall health, a friend’s upcoming wedding, or an upcoming trip to the beach. Regardless of what you burn for, Orangetheory Fitness – East Wichita can help you get there. Four Wichita Moms Blog contributors had our own little OTF night at the Wichita East location, and we had a blast burning…calories that is. Here’s what we learned!

What is Orangetheory Fitness (OTF)?

OTF is a 5-zone heartrate-based workout. Each participant wears a heart monitor and is assigned a maximum heart rate based on their age. The idea behind it is that the more time you spend in the orange and red heart rate zones, the more afterburn your body generates – which translates to a higher fat burn 24 to 36 hours post-workout.  OTF recommends spending at least 12 minutes of the 60-minute workout in the Orange/Red zones, which is utilizing 84% or higher of your maximum heart rate, in order to create this after burn. Got all that? Don’t worry, the instructors give you a welcome lesson that makes it super easy to understand. Plus, video screens throughout the studio display your heart rate so you know where you are at any given time.

The 60-minute workout breaks up your time between treadmill, rowing machine and weight room.  Every workout is different, but it’s safe to say roughly half of your time will be cardio focused and half will be strength/weight training.

Who is OTF for?

Literally everyone. The great thing about OTF is that you can tailor it to any level of fitness. And no matter your level, it will always be challenging! Contributor Ilex started going to OTF after her first son was born and couldn’t run at all on the treadmill in the beginning. Now that she’s been going consistently, she typically runs over three miles per class! The treadmill portion can be tailored to walkers, joggers and runners so every skill level is challenged yet comfortable.

Is it intimidating?

IMG_7152It is posh. The building is modern, and the music is bumpin’! You may even feel like you’re no longer in Wichita. But, it is truly a family. The instructors give all new clients a step-by-step preview before the class begins and will help you along the way.

“I  was definitely intimidated when I went,” said WMB contributor Kendra, mom of 2. “But the instructor was so nice and gave us ‘newbies’ a tour of the workout facility and gave us an idea of what the class would be like.”

After one class, you’ll feel very comfortable going back.  The staff will know your name and encourage you. They will let you know when you aren’t pushing it hard enough – and will tell when you to slow down.

What is the most difficult part?

The workouts are well-rounded, challenging each individual in different ways. WMB contributor Rachel, also a mom of 2, said she found the weights to be the most challenging aspect of the workout. “Definitely the strength training for me. I loved that it wasn’t an hour of it over and over, repetition after repetition, but it was short, broken up time with in between cardio.”

What keeps you coming back?

Orange Theory Fitness Wichita

Contributor Cyndra working on her core.

WMB contributor Cyndra, mom of 4, has been an OTF member since May:

”I’ve lost about 8 pounds and although I didn’t join to lose weight, I feel like the 8 pounds is half of what I ‘feel’ like I’ve lost. My clothes fit better. I have leaner muscles and I feel stronger all over! As I get older, muscle mass tends to be more important to me and harder to gain and even maintain. OTF gets me that muscle!”

How do I get started?

Getting started at OTF is easy. The best part? Your first class is always FREE, so you don’t have to make a commitment before trying it out.  Be sure to call ahead (East location: 316-440-4640) to reserve a spot and loaner heart rate monitor before your first class.  And West siders, don’t worry, they are opening a new West location in December!  Pre-sales are currently underway for EVERYONE, which means discounted memberships and heart rate monitors for the first 100 people.  Don’t miss this opportunity to visit their temporary space at 2755 N Maize Road (in front of Super Target) W-F 10-5, Sat 10-4.  It’s time to feel the burn!

Orange Theory WichitaOrangetheory Fitness is a heart-rate based interval training system. It is a full-body, group fitness workout achievable for all levels. Each class is led by a professional coach. Each guest will see their real-time heart rate and calories burned on one of 3 large in-studio screens throughout the workout. They will also receive a workout summary via email or the OTF app after each class. It is recognized as the best 1-hr workout by New York Times.

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