The Journey Back to “Me”

Special thanks to GoTimeTraining for sponsoring this post and bringing quality health and fitness programs to moms in our community.

Me at my highest…and my lowest.

“Hello. It’s me. I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…”

When I was asked if I wanted to complete GoTimeTraining‘s 28-day challenge to lose weight, I practically elbowed myself to the front of the line, jumped up and down and screamed, “YES!” Little did I know what I was getting myself into. It wasn’t just 28 days…it was a reunion with my old self and a very much anticipated welcome back.

I’ve struggled my entire adult life with weight. Growing up, I was an extremely competitive 6-days-a-week, take no prisoners, year-round athlete who was able to eat anything whenever I wanted. I proudly touted my sporty-spice body and indulged so lovingly with hamburgers and french fries.

But after high school graduation, I let the only thing that gave me purpose slip away. Instead of the freedom I should have felt from a constant conditioning regimen, I was miserable. I gained 35 lbs in 6 months. This was definitely not the best part of life and looking back, I can see it was actually a divorce. Not only had I divorced my sport, I’d left my confidence, my comfort, my schedule – myself.

Since that breakup over 20 years ago my weight had escalated more than 100 lbs. I tried everything: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Atkins. I’ve had memberships to Curves, the Y, a cross-fit gym, and attended numerous classes ranging from Zumba and water aerobics to just plain running. But nothing lasted beyond the program, most likely because I didn’t change the one thing the program couldn’t fix. It was like the iceberg model every human resource manager tries to explain at every team building meeting: I was fixing what was on the surface, but what was beneath it was sinking my ship.


Loving on the foam roller. A must-have for any workout regime.

My weight was my iceberg.

Sure I could lose weight (what you could see), but it was what I wasn’t dealing with—insecurity and self destructive habits (what you couldn’t see).

Full Disclosure: Before beginning GoTimeTraining’s 28-Day Fit Start Challenge, I had lost 50 of those 100 pounds, but I was in a 3-month plateau, and needed to make a change.


My most recent photo.

GoTimeTraining simply asked me to commit to myself for 28 days. Not even an entire month! What I learned in those 28 days was beyond all measure! I learned that I can make meal prepping fun while still making it a priority. I learned that a cup of coffee with a friend is actually just as productive as a margarita – and usually cheaper. What is even better, a walk or bike ride! The commitment I am making is going to last far beyond those 28 days, and it has become a lifestyle.

GoTimeTraining held me accountable to myself. Their program was fun, exhausting, terrifying and empowering all at the same time. It gave me resources and support. GoTime allowed me to tackle what was below the surface! I have finally found my mo-jo! I’ve also found comfort, healthy habits, and slowly but surely, my confidence!


Want to join in on this lifestyle transformation? GoTimeTraining is hosting another 28-day Fit Start Challenge in January!  Click here to receive notifications about how to sign-up.


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2 Responses to The Journey Back to “Me”

  1. Traci Addington November 22, 2016 at 11:59 pm #

    Excellent blog Rachel, thanks for sharing your journey. You are amazing and inspirational.


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