GoTime Training Check-In :: The Halfway Point!

We would like to thank GoTime Training for sponsoring this post and providing nutrition and fitness programs for moms in our area.

Two of our contributors, Rachel and Marty, have reached the halfway point in GoTimeTraining’s 28-Day Fit Start Challenge. They have committed to following GoTimeTraining’s meal planning and workout routines for an entire month in order to become the healthiest version of themselves.  We are so proud of what they have accomplished and love following along with their progress! In fact, Rachel is down 9 pounds and Marty is down 3 pounds in just a few short weeks!  Does this sound like a program that works?  You bet, which is why they have answered a few questions about their experiences below.  Check out GoTimeTraining’s website to learn about other opportunities.         

Q::  What is GoTimeTraining’s 28-Day Fit Start Challenge?

Rachel: It is a 4 week commitment to learning, planning, and implementing a lifestyle change that includes positive nutrition and exercise along side with peer and professional support.

Marty: For me it felt img_4672like a 28 day reboot. It challenged my daily habits and taught me a new way to live through supportive nutritional coaching, a challenging workout and check ins. It offered a community of members that helped to hold you accountable while showing that no matter our individual struggles (busy schedules, work room snack temptations, etc.) that together we could overcome our hurdles and succeed in this challenge.

Q::  What does it entail?

Rachel:  Challengers attend an orientation, participate in 2 training sessions a week (which isn’t as scary as it sounds), weekly weigh ins (again, not as scary), journaling and trying new and delicious recipes.

Marty: We all kicked off the 28 days with an orientation that provided us a workbook with weekly recipes and a nutritional journal, as well as an outline of the weeks to come. The 28-day challenge includes 8 FitStart Cardio Bootcamps (2/week is recommended).  Additional bootcamps and strength trainings can be purchased for a small fee.  Also, meal replacements and protein boosters can be purchased through GoTimeTraining to assist with nutritional goals. Finally, at the end of each week we weigh in (not as scary as it sounds, I swear). During this weigh in, the coaches check nutritional journals, answer questions and provide you with the following weeks recipes. 

Q::  Is it hard?

Rachel:  Yes and no. Yes, in that the hardest part is the commitment you make to yourself, however, GoTimeTraining and other Challengers encourage and support you the entire time. The workouts are challenging but fun, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable (well, maybe a little shaky after a round and sore the following day(s) and I sometimes feel like I’m having a secret affair with our foam roller). On the nutrition side, meal prepping has become a staple for our family in the last 2 weeks and the major contributing factor for the scale lowering. My son LOVES the food, we are spending less eating out so that part makes it easy and most definitely worthwhile!

Sweet Potato Turkey ChiliMarty:  Of course; but I promise you it’s worth it. Change takes time and we didn’t put the weight on overnight, so we can’t expect it to come off overnight. The challenge program lays it out at a healthy pace. The most difficult part for me personally, was overcoming my busy schedule. My meal plan included more meals than most because I am a nursing mom. I’m not used to eating that often and most of my meals tend to be in the form of grazing over what is left of my toddler’s meals. Taking the time to actually prepare MY meals and concentrate on what MY nutritional looked like was the most difficult part. 

Q::  What have you enjoyed most so far?

Rachel:  The food! The recipes GoTimeTraining compiles never leave me or my family hungry! I love to bake and who doesn’t love to eat?!?

Marty: I love the food too, BUT my favorite part would be the group environment that drives you to succeed. The online forum is fun to check in with and provides insight into everyone’s journey. Additionally, the community and relationships you develop in the bootcamps make you want to show up and work hard.

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