FitStart 28-day Challenge :: Lose 10 to 20 Pounds!

Wichita women weight lossThanks to our friends at GoTime Training for sponsoring this post
and offering awesome fitness and nutritional programs for Wichita moms!

The kids are back in school and it’s the time of the year where you can finally breathe a sigh of relief…you made it through summer!

But, what’s next for you?

You know that person who you often avoid caring for because your attention is on everyone but the person looking at you in the mirror? That person who carts the kids to practice and games, rushing to and from work, getting the house cleaned only to need to clean again in 2 hours, and then telling yourself you’ll workout once the kids are in bed?

Or… “I’ll workout tomorrow…I’ll eat better on Monday…I’ll get started next week…How is it almost Christmas…OK, I swear I’ll start in January!” Have you said this before?

It’s all about to change with the FitStart 28-day Challenge!

Join us beginning September 23rd at GoTimeTraining. In the last 5 years, we’ve found that clients routinely see the best weight loss results over defined periods of time when they compete in a nutrition and fitness challenge that provides community support.

So what is the FitStart 28-day Challenge?

It’s a fitness and nutrition kick-start at GoTimeTraining that gives you everything but the food and the fork! Workouts and meal plans are individually tailored to each person’s needs and goals.

Here’s all that the Challenge includes:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Individualized Meal Plan & Food Journal
  • 50+ Family Friendly Portioned Recipes
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Weekly Weigh-in & Accountability
  • Unlimited Nutrition Coach and Team Support through Facebook Private Group
  • 2 Weekly Cardio Bootcamps (Tues 6:30pm & Sat 8:00am)
  • Weekly Group Nutrition Coaching with Q&A (Sat 8:45am – 9:15am)
  • Whole Foods grocery store tour to kick off the new FitStart Challenge
  • Referral Bonuses – Get a FREE entry when 2 friends join

weight loss wichita postpartum

Does the FitStart Challenge Really Work?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can lose 10-20 pounds in 28 days. In fact, we’ve had clients lose more than 20… just watch this video. Rebecca is here to share a little bit of her experience with the Challenge last May:

If you’re that mom who just wants to lose 5, 10, or 15 pounds to feel comfortable in your clothes that are starting to get tight, the FitStart 28-day Challenge is a great way to get there and learn how to keep it going.

We can even individually accommodate those moms who are breastfeeding and require additional calories!

Wichita weight lossOur client Mandy has joined our past two Challenges and lost nearly 24 pounds.

Mandy was 16-weeks postpartum with her third child but still had 30 of the 50 pounds she gained during pregnancy – and she was taking blood pressure medication!

“I really needed help with my nutrition. GoTimeTraining provided me with the support and information I needed to lose weight and get off my blood pressure medication. I have learned so much about nutrition. No only what to eat or not eat, but how much to eat.

For anyone who is afraid to take the next step, you have to do it! GoTimeTraining is a safe, welcome place. The trainers are able to fit a workout to your abilities. Whether you’re new to working out or already a pro, the GoTimeTraining personal trainers will make sure you’re successful.”

The FitStart is GREAT for Families!

The best part about the FitStart 28-day Challenge is that all recipes are built by our GoTimeTraining head nutrition coach, Stefanie, who is a mom & wife and lost 125 pounds herself. Our recipes don’t require lots of uncommon or expensive ingredients – they use everyday kitchen staples and the whole family will enjoy them. You’ll know how to portion your food (and if your husband joins the Challenge, he’ll know his, too!).

Here’s an example of one of one of our fun after-school snack ideas: Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake 7-Layer Protein Bites!

You won’t be disappointed with the recipes, and you won’t feel like you’re on a “diet”. And, you’ll love our grocery shopping list that will have everything you’ll need for each recipe. In addition, our partner, Whole Foods Market, will be marking each item in the shelves of their store to make it breeze to find!

How much is the FitStart 28-day Challenge?

The FitStart 28-day Challenge Early Bird pricing is $199 until September 5th – and $229 after.

Our referral program for the Challenge offers it to you 100% FREE if you refer two non-GoTimeTraining members to join you. And, if you sign up and they join later we’ll just refund your money or apply it towards additional services!

weight loss gym wichitaHelp When YOU Need It Most!

The FitStart 28-day Challenge is unique in the fact that the community is supported through a private Facebook group for when you need your questions answered quickly.

Our GoTimeTraining nutrition coaches and staff are here to give you answers, support, and motivation. Past Challengers have continually commented this support community was of the most valuable aspect of the program. It’s awesome to see others making recipes you’re looking to cook and hear their feedback or to simply ask for help when you forgot your lunch and you’re at QuickTrip with our Quick Eats List!

We’ll also be offering in-person nutrition coaching following our Saturday morning bootcamps. This is a great forum to join to get to know the other Challengers better and put a high five to the face you’ve been chatting with through Facebook. We are confident you’ll love the family atmosphere we’ve built at GoTimeTraining.

Get Signed Up Before Sept 5th!

Early bird pricing for the FitStart 28-day Challenge is expiring on September 5th. But, remember is 100% FREE when you refer two friends who join!

Click here to Save $30 and Join the
FitStart 28-day Challenge

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