Strataca Salt Mines :: An Under-This-World Experience

GallerySomewhere under the rainbow, 650 feet below the Earth’s surface in the middle of Hutchinson, KS, you’ll find more than just amber waves of grain. You’ll find Strataca, a one-of-a-kind attraction and the only salt mine tour in North America.

The darkness is piercing as you travel deep underground, and the long ride down the shaft is exhilarating in itself, but the real treasure is when you finally arrive in the 275-million-year-old natural formation of salt. The mandatory lighted-hard hat only furthers the sense of adventure.

Once you’re underground, the options are overwhelming. From guided rides that take you through raw parts of the mine, to a vast mining gallery and exhibits. Or even Salt Safari, a special guided tour through the hauntingly beautiful, untouched parts of the mine, strewn with unmoved trash and trinkets from ‘50s miners. It’s no wonder this time capsule is considered one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas or that it received a FlipKey Award by TripAdvisor, for Top Museum Worth Traveling For.

Train Ride

It may sound like a one-time journey, but Strataca knows what they’re doing. Continuing to add special events like the who-dun-it interactive dinner theatre experience, Murder in the Mine, and Tour de Salt, where visitors get to bike through the raw tunnels of the mine, the attraction keeps things interesting and worthy of multiple trips. A True Geology exhibit is also in the works

It’s time to pack up the family and friends for a bit of subterranean exploration at Strataca. You won’t regret it!

Plan your visit to Strataca Kansas Underground Salt Museum today!


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