Get More for Less! Shop Rhea Lana’s of Wichita

Special thanks to Rhea Lana for sponsoring this post and bringing high quality consignment events to moms in Wichita.

I’ve heard from multiple people that they find consignment sales overwhelming and intimidating. While they may be at first, Rhea Lana’s of Wichita does a great job of making the shopping experience as easy as possible!

The sales are always in large, centrally-located buildings that are easy to find. Having volunteered at one of the sales, (you get to shop early and it’s actually pretty fun to meet and work alongside other moms!) I saw firsthand how organized everything is and the quality inspection all items go through before making it onto the floor.

There are thousands and thousands of items for sale – clothes, shoes, pajamas, coats, swimming suits, dance and gymnastics leotards, Halloween costumes, toys, kids’ bedroom decor, books and movies, baby equipment, maternity wear, bedding, and so much more! You’ll score items for 60-80% off retail prices, which is hard to beat!

rhea lana's wichita

A few of my Rhea Lana finds. So cute!

If you’ve never attended a consignment sale or are looking to get the most out of your time and money, I’ve got a few tips to keep in mind while shopping at Rhea Lana’s big event:

1. Make a list of items you need. Things like a sound machine for your newborn, outdoor play toys since the weather will be warming up, cardigans for spring, sandals, etc. It’s so much less overwhelming when you have an idea of what you really need for the upcoming season, and it will help curb those impulse buys!

2. Bring a bag to throw things in as you shop. I use a large utility tote and put anything that’s even a maybe in the bag. Rhea Lana’s has sorting stations where you can go through everything you’ve grabbed and see what you actually want to purchase and what you’ll put back.

3. Think ahead for what you’ll need before the next sale. At the back-to-school sale, I go ahead and find a Halloween costume (the ice cream cone costume was $3 and perfect for my toddler last year!) and at the spring sale I keep an eye out for swim suits and cover ups since there won’t be another before summer.

4. While you can bring your children, I think it’s so much easier and less chaotic if you don’t. Obviously that’s not an option for everyone, but we can all agree it’s easier to focus without them there. –  especially since the toys aren’t supposed to be played with before purchasing. 

I’ve found so many bargains at the multiple Rhea Lana’s sales I’ve shopped that I can’t keep quiet about them. The collage above shows just a fraction of my finds, and I’m looking forward to adding to them at the sale next month. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on giveaways, coupons, announcements and helpful tutorials!

Rhea Lana’s Spring Event

March 3-6

Century II Exhibition Hall



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