Performing Arts in Wichita

When I found out my second child was a boy the first text I sent was to my best friend. I don’t remember our exact conversation but it basically boiled down to this:

How did I wind up with 2 boys and how can I get one of them into dance or gymnastics?!

I still don’t know the how’s or why’s, but as much as I love a live sporting event, live arts are pretty darn high up on my list of things to do. Thankfully, Wichita offers a ton of opportunities to see a show at any time during the year.


Wichita Performing Arts for Grown-Ups

Roxy’s Downtown is in the old Cabaret Old Town building on Douglas. Performances include live theater along with musical acts. The shows are hysterical, and the performers are local gems who are as funny as anyone you see on TV!

The WMB team at Mosely Street Melodrama

Mosley Street Melodrama is a side-splitting good time. You can cheer for the hero and boo at the villain. The performances include a melodrama complete with audience interaction followed by a musical comedy revue.

Music Theatre Wichita Every summer Wichita is bursting at the seams with performers who have performed on Broadway! Wayne Bryan has created an atmosphere ripe with talent and has brought to stage some of the best musicals in the country. The shows and company have been put together so well it always seems Wichita gets first dibs on fabulous shows as they leave the lights of Broadway. Season and single tickets are available and worth every penny. 

Theatre League brings travelling shows that are the best of Broadway to Wichita. Wicked, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King are shows from the past few seasons. Upcoming shows include Kinky Boots and Rent for the 2017 season.

Wichita Symphony performs orchestral music for all ages and backgrounds. There are several performances throughout the year and most are appropriate for all audiences. They also have yearly performances for local schools around the city.

Ballet Wichita brings to the stage the beauty of ballet. Every summer Ballet Wichita performs Ballet at the Park at local parks for kids.  And the crowning jewel of Ballet Wichita is their annual performance of The Nutcracker. It is a performance both young and old can enjoy.

Wichita Grand Opera employs local and world-renowned singers to bring opera and ballet together to provide shows for the community to enjoy. The spring season opens in April with Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty.

Wichita Performing Arts for Kids

CYT Wichita offers theater arts classes for kids 8-18. At the end of each session, those enrolled have an opportunity to audition for an upcoming show. Throughout each session the students will learn a variety of theater topics and if they aren’t cast, they are able to help with the non-stage roles that are as important for a performance to succeed.

Music Theatre for Young People boasts full-length shows and multiple camps throughout the year for students ages 5-18. 

Wichita Children’s Theatre’s Adults perform the shows in the Once Upon a Time series. Suggested viewing ages are 2-8 years old. Options for older students to audition for other shows and perform throughout the year are available.

Since I was blessed with boys, I have had to change how I think about a lot of things. Live performing arts is one area, however, where I will not budge. I intend to make the most experiences with my boys and nurture them into men who enjoy the arts.

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