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“Every child is an artist.”- Picasso

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When I first heard that there was a potential opportunity to write about attending a youth art class for The Wichita Center for the Arts, I immediately volunteered my four year old son Luke for the task. Because in my mind, boys + messy art = a great discovery and learning opportunity!

Having taught prior to becoming a mom, I truly understand the importance of art in education. Studies have shown that when kids are exposed to art it can help improve literacy, test scores and social skills. I personally believe exposing a child to art helps create a more well rounded child.

Luke attended the Superbeginning Mix class at The Wichita Center for the Arts on a Saturday morning. This class teaches on variations of mediums including but not limited to sculpture, drawing, and painting. The instructor, Ms. Lieker, encompassed all of the attributes a great art teacher should possess. Free spirited, yet structured, easy going while keeping the class focused. She also had an encouraging demeanor about her, positively offering guidance to students when needed.

When we first arrived, Luke and I were a few minutes early, so we perused the art studio. I only wish we had more time because we could have gazed around the studio for the entire hour. There was art work displayed everywhere along with motivational quotes and pictures of famous artists. The studio was reminiscent of what an art studio is supposed to feel and look like. It exuded inspiration, so much so that I wanted to grab a paint brush and create a masterpiece mydrawingself!

The class contained students whose ages ranged 4-10 years old and lasted an hour long. It began with the students “free coloring” on large butcher paper at their seats. This was a great way for students to get their creative energy flowing.

The next task was a mixed media self portrait. Ms. Lieker gave each student a large piece of construction paper and then traced their silhouette upon it. The students then chose different art materials including: paint, crayons, yarn, scrapbook paper, colored pencils, and glue in order to create his or her own self portrait.

Luke loved the idea of being able to choose whatever he wanted to create his masterpiece! The materials that he could select were seemingly limitless. He chose yarn pieces, scrapbook paper, crayons, and paint to create his self portrait.


The Super Mix class was a great way for Luke to test out a formal art class. He is very interested in continuing to explore art. Since he is still developing his fine motor skills, we will likely wait another year before we begin weekly formal classes. With that being said. I would highly recommend the Super Mix class to elementary aged students. This class is a great way to allow kids to explore and experience all that art has to offer. It also taught me to allow for more messes while my kids are creating.

After all, many of the messes they begin can lead to masterpieces in the end.

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