5 {More} Favorite Parks Around Town

5 More Parks in WichitaThis post was inspired by suggestions by 5 Favorite Parks Around Town

With summer in full swing, I am constantly trying to keep my boys somewhat busy. After all, when kids are busy, they stay out of trouble, right? However, keeping busy isn’t always easy when trying to stay within a summer budget. Numerous trips to the ice cream shops and movies can add up fast, that is why I decided to try out some more parks with my boys. Parks are a great way to encourage imagination, exercise AND they’re free. Below is a list of five more of our favorite parks.

College Hill Park


Somewhat of a hidden gem. My boys like the playground equipment which includes: baby swings, slides, merry go round, and big kid swings. However, what we love most about this park are the trees and walking trails. The walking trail contains hills (rarity for us Wichitans) and gorgeous old trees which provide an ample amount of shade. There are also tennis courts and a basketball court nearby.

The Castle Park, Augusta


This park is what kids’ dreams are made of. The moment we pulled up to this park, my boys were awe struck. We spent an entire afternoon playing there. It had toddler swings, slides, airplane ride ons, bridges, ramps, rock wall, monkey bars, swings, and play towers. The park also boasted a sand volleyball court, covered picnic area, and beautiful walking trails located near a pond.

McLaughlin Park, Valley Center


A park that’s connected to a splash pad, YES please! This park is actually three parks in one. There is a large park for ages 2+ which has monkey bar rings, rock wall, numerous slides and swings. In addition, there is also a smaller park located right next to it which suited for young toddlers, making this park ideal for families that have children of varying ages. (Here’s a great resource on Wichita Splash Pads.)

High Park, Derby


This park is gorgeous! There is a beautiful pond for fishing which is centered around the walking trail. The playground is surrounded by rubber padding, which is great for the toddler crew. There are bouncy ride-ons, slides, monkey bars and an interactive tic-tac-toe game. My boys’ favorite part of the park was the large sand volleyball court that had a sand hill located atop. They spent nearly an hour climbing on it and pretending to be it was a castle. This park is definitely one we will be visiting again soon!

Sedgwick County Park


Be still my park loving heart. We visited the park for the first time as a family one Saturday morning. I did not go with very high hopes because I had not been since I was a kid. When we arrived, my boys immediately wanted out of their car seats in order to make a mad rush to the park. Sunrise Park actually contains three parks nestled together for varying ages which I loved. There was a play area or the two and under crowd, which contained small climb ons and a slide. The two to five park had a small rock wall, slide, tunnel, and monkey bars. The five and over playground was nothing short of amazing. It boasted large slides, a small ropes course, sip line, rock wall, and much more! Bonus: There is also a sand and water play area for toddlers….if you can handle the mess! Double Bonus: There is also a shaded hiking/biking trail that we took a bike ride on. It was heavily shaded and was reminiscent of a forest path. Located off the trail is an over-sized blue adirondack chair that is a perfect spot for a fun picture!


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