• mummies night out
mummies night out

You’re Invited! Everything You Need to Know About Mummies’ Night Out 2018

We are thrilled to bring you WMB's 3rd Annual Mummies' Night Out! Grab your best ghouls and join Wichita Moms Blog for a chic Halloween party brought to you by  Ashley Homestore- Wichita and Wired Within! This year's highly anticipated Mummies' Night Out will be held at the beautiful Noah's Event Venue, the perfect setting [...]
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The Flint Hills – A Love Affair

When I was growing up, I would hear people talk about how boring and flat Kansas was. A “fly-over State” is what it was called, and still called by some. I developed the same opinion for the most part. I thought Kansas was pretty boring, too (although, is there any place that isn’t boring to […]

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Oktoberfest Beer

Wichita Oktoberfest Celebrations 2018

If you are a craft beer lover, Oktoberfest is definitely for you!  Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, taking place each year in Munich, Germany and bringing together millions of people around the world to celebrate!  The event typically lasts around 16-18 days, starting in the middle of September and ending on the first […]

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Easy Make-Ahead Breakfasts

3 Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

     Would you believe that with all the back-to-school craziness on the horizon, one of my biggest anxiety-inducers is actually….breakfast! Not my child’s teacher, not selecting the proper school supplies, not even getting the perfect first-day photo, but literally what food I am putting into my kids’ mouths. During the summer months, I don’t […]

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I'm Raising My Kids, Too

I’m Raising My Kids, Too

I mean, I’m not letting someone else raise my kids, she said as she shared her reasoning of why she was going to stay home with her children instead of continuing her career. I smiled and nodded in support, knowing my friend would provide amazing days at home with her little ones. Inside, however, my heart […]

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healthy body image

8 Ways To Prevent Eating Disorders and Negative Body Image in Kids

This post is written and sponsored by Jenny Helms, LMFT – providing therapy and counseling services for families in Wichita and the surrounding areas.Being the parent of a child with eating or body image struggles is incredibly difficult. I hear parents say things like, “Did I cause this?” and “We did everything right… I don’t […]

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