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Special thank you to Dart Warz for sponsoring this post and offering fun indoor entertainment for the entire family.

Dart WarzAre you looking for some indoor fun this winter as the temps drop and the kids get restless cooped up indoors? Perhaps you’re wondering how you’re going to keep them occupied during that long Winter Break? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new place for a birthday party?

Folks, you must visit Dart Warz. Think laser tag and paintball meet Nerf guns. I took some of my kids a couple of weeks ago, and they had so much fun – especially our Nerf-obsessed 12-year-old.

Like a well-kept secret, the building is located near Maple and Ridge in Wichita, tucked in a retail center off Taft Street (just behind the Sam’s on West Kellogg). When you enter, you check in at Headquarters, where you complete a waiver (which can also be done ahead of time online), pay for your time, and select a weapon. You may bring in your own Nerf guns, although certain guns are prohibited.

Dart Warz Headquarters

Dart Warz Headquarters

Next, you’ll line up to enter the Debriefing Room. Inside, a Dart Warz employee covers the rules of the game (most important of all, the refs are always right!), hands out weapons, and divides the group into teams. 

Once he’s satisfied everybody knows the rules, you line up to enter the Arena.  Upon entry into the Arena, the refs direct each team to a side of the room, which is filled with brightly-colored boxes of varying shapes and sizes to enable stealth attacks and give shelter to hideaways.

Dart Warz Arena Entrance

Dart Warz Arena Entrance

You’ll scramble to collect “ammo” while the refs explain the rules of your challenge. (Each battle has a different end game, which keeps things so fun and interesting! My favorite was VIP, where a secret member of each team was designated the VIP and could not be defeated until the VIP was taken down.) Once the rules are explained and ammo gathered, each team lines up against the wall and awaits the signal for the battle to start.

When the signal is given, everyone rushes to find shelter and begin taking out the other team. Unlike laser tag, it only takes one hit to get someone “out” in this game, and the refs take that very seriously. A number of refs watch from different vantage points all over the room and, when someone isn’t honest, will call them out and send them to the dugout. If you’re hit and honest about it, you throw your hands in the air to signal your surrender and retreat to your team’s dugout until the battle is over. Don’t worry, each battle doesn’t last long, so you and your kiddos will get plenty of opportunities to play no matter your skills and luck.

Players surrendering in the Arena.

Players surrendering in the Arena.

I noticed many adults playing (guilty), so it’s not just for kids. Dart Warz would also be a great office team-building activity or field day outing for players of any age. Or, if you want to take your kids for some fun but aren’t in the mood to play with them, there’s an open area outside the arena where others can observe and relax.

Dart Warz also offers other takes on the game, like GLOW and extreme night play! My kids are all already begging to go back and one is just positive he MUST have his next birthday party there. I know where we will be going this winter when cabin fever set in!

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