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How To Talk To Someone Who’s Grieving

Chances are, many of you have yet to experience grief. I’m talking about earth-shattering, soul-crushing, have-to-convince-yourself-to-breathe, grief. The kind that makes you question every.single.thing regardless of how or why “it” happened.  Many of you are in this space. I was too, not so long ago.  Everything changed for me the summer of 2015: the summer I […]

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Dear Friend, I Was You :: Infertility and Miscarriage | Wichita Moms Blog

Dear Friend, I Was You

To my friend battling infertility issues, infertility and miscarriage You tried to hide your emotions the other day, but I noticed. Our friends were talking about pregnancies and new babies; you subtly became quiet and I saw your face drop. I know what you’re going through, and I care. I was you…for years.  For years, […]

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Nico and Kim newborn

Journey to Motherhood :: Taking Nothing for Granted

Every journey to motherhood is unique, each so compelling. Some of us have more difficult paths to navigate before reaching our final destination, while others follow the straight and narrow, hitting bumps further on down the road. For all of us, however, motherhood is a roller coaster that brings inexplicable joy and unavoidable pain, making us feel as if […]

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