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Babywearing International September Weekend Meeting

Have you heard about babywearing and are wondering what its all about? Did you buy or receive a baby carrier as a shower gift and need help using it? Are you trying to decide which baby carrier you want to buy? Come to a meeting with BWI of Wichita where we have volunteer babywearing educators available to answer all your babywearing questions, give hands on assistance with your baby carrier and have our “lending library” of baby carriers available for you to try out for FREE!
This month, our weekend meeting will be at Central Riverside Park. There are playgrounds for every age, including toddlers, so come and let your kids burn off some steam while you check out some baby carriers! We’ll be parked at one of the tables near the play area. We’ll have a bunch of bags of baby carriers. You can’t miss us! 🙂
For more information about BWI of Wichita and future events visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/BWIwichita. For up-to-date meeting reminders and notices sign up for email or text alerts at rmd.at/ictbwi

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This simple trick will stop tantrums and meltdowns before they begin! Ready for the parenting secret? Here it is...

How A Birthday Candle Can Stop Tantrums & Meltdowns in Their Tracks

As a mom I have been guilty many times of brushing off my kids’ big emotions because it wasn’t convenient or fun to deal with them. But as my children have gotten older, I’ve realized I can’t expect them to learn what I’m not willing to teach. If we want our kids to reason calmly, […]

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