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Coffee & Zoloft :: Mommy’s Essentials for Kindergarten Readiness

This isn’t your regular “Is My 5 Year Old Ready For Kindergarten” post. We’ve been down that road with our oldest and there are great resources out there. For my husband and I, we heard A LOT of opinions about when our daughter should or shouldn’t start. She has an August birthday and technically could […]

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I Want Better

I Want Better

Right after we had our first daughter, I struggled with postpartum anxiety. My mind would constantly spin, I couldn’t sleep, and I was miserable in a job I didn’t love. I started going to therapy, and my therapist told me (among other things) to stop watching the news. At first I laughed. But as I started thinking about the […]

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Back to School Anxiety

6 Ways to Ease Back to School Anxiety {According to a Child Therapist}

In my private practice, I see a lot of kiddos who get pretty anxious as school approaches. Some children may be starting school for the first time, others are simply returning, some are transitioning in some way–to a school with a different physical location or to middle or high school. In any case, here are […]

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