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Meet Angela, Founder and Owner

Angela - Owner Wichita Moms Blog

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Born and raised in Wichita, Angela was sure she was going to venture out into the world, live in a bigger city and never return. While her husband and she did have the fortunate opportunity to move around and experience other amazing cities, they realized a return to their hometown would be the best decision for them when it came time to raise a family. So they packed up, moved back to Wichita and haven’t looked back!

Although confident she was carrying a boy with both pregnancies, Angela is mom to Lyla {2.5 years} and baby Adaline {3 months}.  She is surrounded by bows, dance parties, and all things pink and is loving every moment of it! Luckily, bringing a sense of balance to a house full of girly girls is her patient, beer-brewing, outdoor preferring, much-more-mellow-than-she-could-ever-be husband, Gabe.

In her past life, Angela traded in corporate recruiting heels for fourth grade teaching flats. But most recently, she has taken on a new gig of stay-at-home-mom where she has finally found her niche, settling into exactly what it is she’s meant to do. But that hasn’t come without realizing it’s almost impossible to do alone. She couldn’t do it without her generous family, dependable husband or her best friends. She depends on her fellow mamas for advice, date-night child care swaps, and recurring wine nights!

In between potty training, nursing, and picking up the never-ending pile of toys, you might find her trying local restaurants, reheating her same cup of coffee multiple times a day, catching food trucks, reading (and rarely finishing) multiple books at one time, organizing and purging stuff, meeting up with friends for coffee dates, blogging, or going on an exploration of Wichita with her girls.

She’s incredibly excited for the opportunity to connect with and get to know more moms in this lovely community!

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