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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Blues Have You Down? It Could Be the Season!

Thank you to Kansas Physician Group for sponsoring this post and helping to keep Wichita moms happy and healthy!Few people truly look forward to the winter months. Aside from the joy and bustle of the holidays, the shorter days, lower temperatures, and gray skies are usually something to be endured rather than enjoyed. While many […]

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Adoption - Where Do I Start

Adoption : Where Do I Start?

Our heartfelt thanks to Martin Pringle Adoption Professionals for sponsoring this post, written by Wichita adoption attorney Megan Monsour. The thought of adopting can be overwhelming. Who do I talk to? Who can I trust? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Many questions cross your mind when you are considering adoption. […]

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Sally Cavanaugh Photography

Top 7 Ways to Add Character to Your Child’s Birthday Party

Thank you to Love of Character for sponsoring this post and for providing stylish and adorable parties and events for Wichita families!As your child’s birthday draws near, what comes to mind? Do you have a party theme you’ve been dreaming about? Are you stressed because over-the-top Pinterest parties seem impossible? Worried because your kid just came home from […]

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What Moms (No Matter Their Age) Need to Know About Breast Cancer

Special thank you to Advanced Cancer Therapies for sponsoring this post and for supporting local women throughout the treatment of breast cancer. Your mom. Your sister. Your daughter. Being a woman means that breast cancer is at the forefront of your mind anytime you hear the word cancer. Being a busy mom, you often put […]

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What Wesley Children’s Hospital Means for Wichita Families

With the goal of keeping our children close to home, the newly opened Wesley Children’s Hospital is significant for our community. Wichita Moms Blog team members and readers alike have experienced the burden of travel, unfamiliarity, and leaving their families to get the proper care they need for their sick children. Now, our families can breathe a […]

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adult braces

How To Get A Perfect Smile Without Braces

Thanks to Smith Orthodontics for sponsoring this post and providing beautiful smiles for Wichita families!Think braces are just for kids? Think again. Nearly one million adults in America are currently using orthodontics to get picture-perfect, confidence-boosting smiles. Even more surprising is the fact that you can’t tell by looking that many of them are undergoing orthodontic treatment! […]

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Children In Halloween Costumes Trick Or Treating

No Sew Costumes for Halloween

Special thanks to Wichita State University’s Office for Workforce, Professional and Community Education for bringing quality programs to moms in our area.   The kids are back in school, and fall is in the air! Halloween decorations have replaced school supplies on store shelves, and if your kids are like mine, they are already clamoring to look […]

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Wichita women weight loss

FitStart 28-day Challenge :: Lose 10 to 20 Pounds!

Thanks to our friends at GoTime Training for sponsoring this post and offering awesome fitness and nutritional programs for Wichita moms! The kids are back in school and it’s the time of the year where you can finally breathe a sigh of relief…you made it through summer! But, what’s next for you? You know that […]

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back to school workout

7 Steps to Boost Motivation for the Back-to-School Mom

Special thank you to Go Time Training for sponsoring this guest post and for bringing quality fitness and nutrition programs to our community of moms.  It’s August and we all know what that means—the kids are headed back to school! Some moms shed tears while others jump with glee knowing life will slow down with the kids not at […]

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Open Adoption : Your Child Will Thank You

Disclosure : Thank you to Martin Pringle Law Firm for sponsoring this post and to Attorney Megan Monsour for sharing her expertise with our community of moms.  It is human nature to want to know where you come from. Where you got your curly hair or when your great grandparents moved from Lebanon to the United States. You […]

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postnatal fitness

Bounce Back, Baby! A Complete Guide to Postnatal Fitness

Thank you to Go Time Training for sponsoring this guest post and for bringing quality fitness education and programs to our community of moms. Congrats on the new baby! It’s a beautiful time in your family’s life with lots of new changes. One change that moms aren’t always are the after effects of giving birth. It’s usually obvious, […]

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Thumb Sucking :: Help Your Child Break the Habit | Wichita Moms Blog

Thumb Sucking :: Help Your Child Break the Habit

Thank you to our friends at Smith Orthodontics for sponsoring this post and for offering top-notch dental and orthodontic care for Wichita families! Thumb sucking is a normal behavior that many infants and toddlers use for comfort and security. For a young child without permanent teeth, this habit often has little to no effect on the child’s alignment of […]

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