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Protect Yourself and Your Baby : Get the Flu Shot Today

Disclosure : Thank you to Heartland Women’s Group Gynecology and Obstetrics Services for sponsoring this post and to Dr. Janna Chibry for sharing her expertise with our community of moms.  Whether you are expecting your first child or your fifth, one thing remains the same – you want to provide the best care for your developing baby. Besides […]

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adding another kid

Growing Your Family : Going from 1 to 2 was the Hardest

I heart big families. Which is good because I have five kids. When we welcomed our third, people were like “whoa!”, our fourth “don’t you have three already?” and our 5th “you know what causes this, right?” I (obviously) know the answers to all of these questions, but welcoming another baby is not hard for […]

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Done having babies

When Your Head and Heart Conflict Over Having More Babies

We are done having babies. At least I think we are. It’s something I find myself questioning as our second and final baby is rapidly growing up before my very eyes, reaching new milestones before I even realize she’s mastered the last. It all happens so quickly, causing me to dwell on the thought that there will soon be no more babies in […]

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The Happiest and Hardest Days :: Finding My Way to Enjoy Motherhood the Most

I was volunteering at an event last week where my kids were encouraged to tag along.  There was a woman there, a mother herself, yet years ahead of me in experience as her children are now long grown and gone.  We made small talk throughout the morning; I learned a little about her family and […]

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Feet on bathroom scale with hand drawn sad cute faces

My Struggle to Accept My Post-Baby Body

I remember the first time I attempted to try on my favorite pair of jeans, the ones I hadn’t worn in at least 9 months. I remember the desperate ache in my heart begging for the possibility they would slip right on, and I remember the self-loathing I felt when they didn’t. I remember catching […]

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