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Deserving Smile -- A Mother's Day Contest (1)

Indulge Your Smile: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway

Springtime calendars are absolutely nuts. May is full of hustle and bustle of activity - graduations, showers, birthday parties, and somewhere in between sports tournaments, dance recitals, and end of school year preparations, is Mother's Day.   It's safe to say most moms on their special day would love something simple, like a nap or an hour to [...]
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goodbye toddlerhood!

Goodbye Toddlerhood

Having children just 18 months apart meant I basically had 2 straight years of 2 year-olds and 2+ LONG years of threenagers. I always say, The days are long but the years are short. I feel like that sentiment is a pretty good summary of motherhood. The toddler years were some of my longest days, and […]

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Perfectly Me

Perfectly Me

Hey moms out there. Do you see me? Yeah, that’s me waving the white flag. I. Give. Up. I’m tired of trying to be something I’m not. And so today, I scream from the mountain top: “I am who I am, and I can’t be who I’m not.” So yeah. That’s me. The one at […]

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Moms of Wichita

Moms of Wichita Photo Series: Part 1

In light of Mother’s Day and in an effort to support Wichita Moms Blog’s mission to connect moms, we have partnered with Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos to feature real moms through Moms of Wichita, a photo series showcasing the beauty, the story, and the reality of motherhood.  Though we may differ in backgrounds, experiences, and parenting styles, […]

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57058143 - electric breast pump

Dear Breast Pump

Dear Breast Pump, What a journey we’ve had together. For the past six months, it’s been you and me feeding the babe – and now it has come to an end. The pumping, feeding, supplementing, and repeat has overtaken my life. We tried tea, pills, lactation cookies, power pumping- anything to make my body produce […]

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No Housework Day

No Housework Day (It’s a Thing!)

Thanks to social media, my life is just one constant celebration. That’s because apparently there is a day for everything. Do you love coffee? International Coffee Day is for you. How about ice cream? You’re in luck, because International Ice Cream Day has been around since President Reagan made it a thing in 1984. And if, like me, you have […]

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