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sexual abuse prevention

The “Rude” Behavior I’m Teaching My Kids {Sexual Abuse Prevention}

My kids are being raised in an extremely affectionate family. We exchange hugs and kisses 24/7; we have secret family handshakes and our own family vernacular. But my babies are growing up, and they’ve reached an age that necessitates difficult conversations about how not every touch from an adult or a “friend” is always innocent. They don’t […]

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Motherhood De-Grinched Me

When the Christmas decorations started popping up in the stores, I used to roll my eyes. Now, I get a gleam in them. When carols overtook my radio station, I would quickly change the channel. Now, I turn it up. I don’t care if you’re watching at the stoplight, I’ll keep singing right along. If the light is […]

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5 Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

Five Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

Cozy fires, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, gingerbread houses, and *NSYNC Christmas – yes, I love Christmas time! What  I especially love about the season are the traditions my I grew up enjoying with my family. When we had our first son Luke, I decided to begin some Christmas traditions of our own. I wanted to keep some from my […]

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holiday stress

Tips from a Counselor : How to Manage the Holiday Stress

Disclosure : Thank you to Snappy Kids  for sponsoring this post and to Vanessa Whalen, LSCSW for sharing her expertise with our community of moms.  Okay, it’s happened. One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of the family Christmas tree that had been decked out… on HALLOWEEN! Frankly, I’ve barely caught my breath from the beginning of […]

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Spread Cheer! Giving Back in Wichita

**UPDATED FOR 2016** The holidays are busy.  Our time is filled with planning meals, wrapping presents, entertaining guests, and tracking down Santa for a photo.  It is also a time where we are reminded of our many blessings and seek ways to give back to our community.   If you are searching for opportunities in which […]

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Putting the “Thanks” Back in Thanksgiving

Turkey – check. Three different casseroles – check. At least one family member saying something cringe-worthy – check, check, check. fun Thanksgiving ideas While food and family are obviously some of the best parts of Thanksgiving, let’s not forget to give thanks. After all, Thanksgiving is about celebrating the kindness of strangers! Here are some […]

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