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Target Looks I Love For Spring

When people ask, “Love your outfit, where’d you get it?” More than 50% of the time, I respond, “It’s from Target.”  When I shop, I’m looking for something memorable or versatile. My style is classic and feminine, but I also like I like to throw in some quirky stuff, too. Target never fails me!   […]

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Rhea Lana Collage

Get More for Less! Shop Rhea Lana’s of Wichita

Special thanks to Rhea Lana for sponsoring this post and bringing high quality consignment events to moms in Wichita. I’ve heard from multiple people that they find consignment sales overwhelming and intimidating. While they may be at first, Rhea Lana’s of Wichita does a great job of making the shopping experience as easy as possible! The […]

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The Truth About Hand Me Downs

Bye-Bye Baby Stuff :: The Truth About Hand Me Downs

Moms seem to fall squarely into two camps: they love receiving hand-me-downs from other moms…or loathe it. When my daughter was born, I was fortunate to have a friend whose daughter was just one year older. As her baby outgrew age-appropriate toys, gear, and adorable clothing from stores I couldn’t afford, I had to play […]

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5 Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall | Wichita Moms Blog

5 Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Dressing for the in-between of summer’s last heat-filled afternoons and fall’s crisp early mornings can be tricky. Thankfully, having a few go-to fashion ideas can help navigate the age-old question “What should I wear today?” Here are 5 ways to transition your summer wardrobe favorites into the fall season: #1 – Your favorite off-the-shoulder dress…  simply […]

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