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Quick and Easy Ways to Display Family Memories

In a perfect world, I’d be down in my craft room knocking out lavish scrapbooks documenting every moment of my son’s life and quilting memory blankets out of his first year’s worth of clothes. But let’s be real…ain’t nobody got time for that! I would consider myself a pretty creative person, and prior to having a […]

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Homeschooling Kindergarten | Wichita Moms Blog

The Blind Leading the Blind :: Homeschooling Kindergarten

  This year I’m teaching Kindergarten for the first time…in my house. While our friends and family are incredibly supportive (and excited!) strangers who discover our daughter will be homeschooled occasionally grimace & ask what is wrong with other educational options. Let me get this out of the way: I don’t think traditional schools – public or private […]

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The Non-Crafty Mom's Guide to DIY Party-Planning

The Non-Crafty Mom’s Guide to DIY Party-Planning :: Theme and Invitations

The birth of my first child ushered in a slew of new hobbies/obsessions – including, but not limited to, photography, allergy-friendly baking, and party-planning. In those pre-Pinterest days, you could Google party ideas, search party-planning websites, and stalk blogs, but for the most part? You were on your own. To save money and to keep […]

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Vacation Rental: Jammie time on the deck!

Vacation Rentals 101

Ok, so we may be relatively new to the game, but in the last couple years we have vacationed utilizing the vacation rental home websites like or And it has been AWESOME! We have gone to Hawaii, Colorado, and Massachusetts.  Each experience has had its downfalls, like any travel experience, but we truly […]

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Families and Food Allergies :: Planning An Allergy-Friendly Birthday Party {Series}

Every 3 minutes, someone in the U.S. is admitted to the Emergency Department for an allergic reaction to food. Increased numbers of children are diagnosed every year, which means that you probably know at least one family with allergies – it may even be your own! Here at WMB, we have contributors in various stages […]

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Showing Appreciation :: Teacher Gift Ideas

Everyone remembers their favorite teacher, the one who left a lasting mark on their heart and who changed them for the better. I grew up with a plethora of amazing teachers. At the time I wasn’t so sure about them, but looking back, they all taught me lessons that weren’t in the text books. Something that I can […]

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Home Binder

Make Your Own Home Binder {VLog}

Can I just admit to ya’ll that I am a bit “type A”, as some might call it. I love my home binder and am happy to share it with you today. As someone who loves picking out office supplies (especially planners!), this is right up my alley. But even for those “type B” people (wink), […]

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