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Dear Breast Pump

Dear Breast Pump, What a journey we’ve had together. For the past six months, it’s been you and me feeding the babe – and now it has come to an end. The pumping, feeding, supplementing, and repeat has overtaken my life. We tried tea, pills, lactation cookies, power pumping- anything to make my body produce […]

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Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes

Special thanks to GoTimeTraining for sponsoring this program and brining quality health and fitness programs to moms in our community. So often I get tossed into the “lucky” category when comes to my body’s shape and size. At 5’8″ and 130 pounds prior to my second baby, I was the closest I have ever been to my high school […]

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Life As A Lactation Consultant

Life As A Lactation Consultant :: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you told me 15 years ago during nursing school I would be a Lactation Consultant, I would’ve laughed at your joke.  I planned on working with children with cancer in intensive care – “real” nursing. It was an awkward set of events that led me here, but I could not be happier with fate. Any […]

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wichita breastfeeding rooms

Breastfeeding Rooms (and More!) in Wichita

Breastfeeding didn’t exactly come easy to me. Although I knew the breastfeeding basics before my first son’s arrival, I was totally unprepared for the challenges that it would bring, particularly in public places. I was still getting the hang of all those new mom things, and I felt self-conscious about nursing outside of my home. […]

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hospital vs. home birth

If You Can’t Tell the Difference, Why Should I?

Most of us start making plans the moment we find out we’re pregnant. We scare the snot out of our hormonal selves searching for the birth experience, sleep method and feeding philosophies that are least likely to ruin our child. Hospital vs. home birth? Breast or bottle? Attachment Parenting or Babywise? Everyone guarantees that their method […]

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2016 Bloom Event

Wichita Bloom:: An Event for New and Expecting Moms Event Invitation

Bloom :: An Event for New and Expecting Moms #WMBbloom16 Who :: Wichita area mothers (you do not have to be expecting to attend!) What :: A morning of socialization, delicious food, educational resources, giveaways and swag, pampering, and connecting  with local resources and baby/mom focused businesses. Where :: Eastminster Presbyterian Church Why :: This event is geared towards […]

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Breastfeeding Sucks…But I Do It Anyway

Ha ha…did you catch the pun? Disclaimer: This is mostly tongue-in-cheek and written with much respect for those who can’t breastfeed.  I truly appreciate your struggle. Friends, breastfeeding newborns and infants is exhausting. About three weeks into breastfeeding our new bundle of joy, I remember saying, “I’m about ready to be done serving as a milk […]

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adding another kid

Growing Your Family : Going from 1 to 2 was the Hardest

I heart big families. Which is good because I have five kids. When we welcomed our third, people were like “whoa!”, our fourth “don’t you have three already?” and our 5th “you know what causes this, right?” I (obviously) know the answers to all of these questions, but welcoming another baby is not hard for […]

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breastfeeding wichita

Training for a Half Marathon While Breastfeeding

I never imagined myself as the nursing-a-toddler type, but after fighting so hard to establish a good breastfeeding relationship (and LOVING it), I realized that we just didn’t want to stop. So we kept going…past the 6 month mark when I weaned my first child…past the 1-year mark recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics…straight ahead to the […]

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